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Thread: Nice articles

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    Tony O'Dell 2 Guest


    Nice articles, its a shame magazines do not publish articles like these anymore...i used to enjoy reading the likes of Coarse Fisherman, David Halls Coarse Fishing/Match Fishing as the articles were more or this ilk...nowadays magazines like Improve your Coarse Fishing seem to churn out the same old instructional bilge week in/week out..characterless stuff that could be produced by a half decent piece of computer software
    Thanks again

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    You are quite right Tony. Articles on angling you can really enjoy will not be found in the fishing mags.

    Read FM, where decent articles are published.

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    Andy "the Dog" Nellist Guest


    I can remember a column called "snide rumours and dirty lies" in one publication that used to be a laugh

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    Phil Hackett 2 Guest


    Sadly Andy they attempted to revive it down a molehole. Unfortunately the creature seems to have blotted it copy book somewhat and rarely surfaces these days ;0)

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    Nov 2002


    Articles like these enspire you to go fishing. Unfortunatley the mags these days just review tackle which only enspires the spending of money but then again when was the last time you so a bad review.

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    jason fisher Guest


    in a mag or on here?

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    jason fisher Guest


    don't think i seen one in a mag, on here it would be the last /next one jeff does, he's always got some thing to complain about.

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    Tony O'Dell 2 Guest


    Apologies for some of the grammatical /spelling errors, i was writing my comments at work in between phone calls.

    Andy, that section you mentioned used to be in the back pages of said David Hall publications....there was a thread a long while ago where it was mentioned....even "The Guvna" was mentioned in these pages !!!!

    I really do worry about the content of publications six copies of these magazines and you have all the articles they will publish for the next 5 years, albeit in a re-jigged format, fronted by the latest "face" on the big fish/match circuit.
    One ray of hope i have found is Coarse Angling Today....seems like a half decent read...though Ian Welch appears in one articles ( not one plug for Fox suprisingly...but some nice free advertising for Nutrabaits/Dynamite )

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    Snide Rumours and Dirty Lies was in the original Coarse Fisherman (published by David Hall)---I appeared in it many times--(all lies sent in by Graham)

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    Good fun most of the time. It was usually the first thing you read. All lies of course, based on a little truth - except the tales about Ed of course.

    For instance, there was that episode with the maggots and the false teeth............

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