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    A mate of mine works on an estate and has been allowed to stock it with fish,now as we live up in Scotland there are not a lot of coarse venues so we think there will not be many stockists so was wondering if anybody has any web sites that we can check out to get a rough idea of costs etc,looking to stock roach,rudd,tench,carp etc.
    Any help much appreciated

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    I don't know what the case is up there with the Environment Agency, but they would be the first port of call.

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    Hi I checked the environment agency but they don't seem to have anything on Scotland just England and Wales.

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    jason fisher Guest


    that woulb be because they don't cover scotland, that's why you don't need a licence in scotland.

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    Thought that,but thought I would check it anyway,so can anybody give me any links to sites where I could get some fish to get the pond stocked.

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