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Thread: Better session

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    Had my first all night session last saturday folowing on from my session previous when I fished til an hour into dark but struggled. This time went prepared and while did'nt find any barbel ,finished with a chub of around 2lb and 17 bream between 4lb and 6lb 8oz also lost 4 or 5 fish. Going back again this saturday.

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    The Monk Guest


    excellent, well done, not all night sessions are like that though hate for you to get the wrong impression

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    jason fisher Guest


    well done, show off.

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    Thanks guys ,I'm not gonna get complacent ,it was good to put a few on the bank , gonna take a back up bait this time and if the bream move in the same see if a bait change will attract something different

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    jason fisher Guest


    last autumn it took a few weeks of catching the bream before the chub turned up then i caught both for a couple of weeks, then the bream disappeared.

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    Well after the session above I ccame down to earth with a bump , fished one rod identical to last week and the other with a variation. Though I fished about 30 yards from the last spot . I ended up with 1 bream around 4lb had loads of indications and ended up trying to hit these but no joy .
    Connditions were almost identical though it was slightly cooler .So maybe the big haul was a fluke.

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