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    Chris Tonner Guest



    As we all know its Makerel season and apparently they prefer to attack on the dusk tide, high tide 7pm - 8pm, either side, an hour coming in, and an hour going out.

    My problem is with light on my float, I do not find chemi-floats enough flourescent. There is a guy on the pier who imports his battery operated floats from Japan, they even have a website but no online method of purchasing them. Before you ask the guy wont sell one. But it seems to me a massive opportunity for an investigator to create the float I require, I have searched all the UK tackle shops with no luck. You have my full pleasure to create a line of sea floats, generally 8" - 10", best of luck if you succeed or this letter points me in the right direction and the float is already in proximate.

    Yours Sincerely

    Chris Tonner

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    Big Rik Guest


    the float is already out there, as my local shop stocks them.

    Of European origination I believe, probably French.

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    Try gerry`s of Morecambe i dont have a number for them but they have them in stock and do online/phone sales

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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    I seem to remember that Leslies of Luton sell an illuminated marker float for Carp fishing. It might just fit the bill for sea fishing.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Don't bother, attach a skylite (around 1...) to a standard float and whip an eye on the bottom so you can attach it waggler-style.

    I use these zander fishing, you can see them 60 or 80yds away.

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