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    As eneyone been if so eney tips?

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    magicdog Guest


    I've been to Sharm twice but never fished there.
    I have a good friend who lives there - he's a diving instructor and I asked about fishing once.
    It seems that most of the diving boats will do fishing trips if you ask but you may need to get some friends along to pay for the boat.

    Expect to catch all sorts of wierd things - scorpion fish, various sharks, tuna, barracuda etc.

    You could always travel light and try spinning from the beach or off a rock mark.


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    there is no fishing around Sharm as it is a national park. I have just got back it was 400 euros day to fish but had to go out side the park. Thanks for your reply.

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    magicdog Guest


    Thanks Doug - seems like my mate was suggesting a little moonlighting then!

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    I went last year and it is a stunning place. Take a snorkel and if you can go diving.
    It is no fishing, but a mate of mine was going to go a few miles away where you can, I believe, fly fish for bonefish etc.
    If you did want to, erm, "guest" at night, be careful.
    At night the big fish come in to feed. I saw something scatter a shoal of sardines and it would have made a hole in me, never mind a bait. At least 200lbs - god knows what. And no more than 10 yards from shore.
    I wouldn't like to hook one on a Shakespeare telescopic and 10lb line, I can tell you.

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    magicdog Guest


    While I was there a couple of years ago I injured my leg (p*ss*d!) and was banned from the sea due to the high temperature and consequently high levels of sea-borne bacteria (something to do with coral I seem to remember).

    My mate went snorkelling off the beach for an hour or two and when he returned he asked me about a fish he'd seen - he said it was long and thin with huge eyes and massive gnarly teeth.
    Apparently he came face to face with a six foot Barracuda which stood its' ground - he ended up backing down and swimming away!

    Sensible lad...

    There are also a large number of Hammerhead sharks in the Red Sea along with White-tipped reef sharks and Tiger sharks which are both fairly unpleasant if you're a 5-10lb fish!

    Awesome snorkelling though.

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    Did a bit of snorkelling and you are right magic it is Awesome. Hope to go back next year.

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    Only thing that has ever really scared me underwater was on my divemaster course at sharm.
    3 meter thresher shark closed in on the group of divers i was leading,we was at 35m plus and it kept hounding us.
    Was lucky it was at start of dive and we had time to make it to the cover of the main wall to make our accent,you could still see the shark from the boat as ithad followed us up to 10m

    You also get very large lionfish in the shallow reef`s,on night dives you could actually use the lionfish as lercher`s and hunt the smaller reef fish lamping style.

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