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    Big Rik Guest


    washing your hands in shaving foam works.

    It's an old trick I used to employ after beach fishing (stinky squid, ragworm sandeel etc)

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    The Monk Guest


    that surprises me Rik, does not shaving foam contain soap extracts, one of the tactics of a few sickos in the 70s was to soap swims, a bar of soap thrown into a baited swim kept the fish away

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    The Monk Guest


    mind you, I suppose it doesnt matter once you`ve finished fishing. I can always remember about being warned never to use terps prior to making baits or going fishing, indeed even nicotine tints on the fingers are suppose to put fish off

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    The product that David Bruce mentions is probably one of these, or one very similar:

    Zilo Smell Killer

    Incidentally, the link to the distributors doesn't work any more, they've changed their URL or something.

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    Cakey Guest


    Monk ...I wont even get petrol on the day I'm fishing

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    May 2003


    its funny, but ive always thought it was better to have your hands stinking of something. my mate constantly outfishes me using same rigs, bait, and casting to the same area, the only thing we could think off was the smell of his faggs hiding the smell of his hands. i have started wiping my hands in sea weed and rag worm so the fish cant smell my hands on the bait. i have started to catch more by doing this.

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    Cakey Guest


    The one thing Im really really fussy with is my baits ....I hate anyone sticking their hand in and smelling them.....I dunno where their hand has been do I?

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    Cakey Guest


    just got this fear of contaminated baits..........

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    cheers guys. lemon juice seems to be the way then. i'll try that next time i'm fortunate enough to shoot (spearfishing) something worth keeping!

    oh and to answer murrays question of "why would you want to"

    the missus is starting to think i'm playing away from home.

    : )

    thanks guys

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    The Monk Guest


    Petrol can be the kiss of death Cakey

    something which has always interested me, and I did a radio show about it a few years ago, was the female estrogen theory, ie women wiping their hands all over maggots and baits and creating excitment among male fish. Frank Warwick did considerable research in this area, hence the advantages of keeping a few Ruffe Slappers in the bivvy

    While I was writing an angling colum for one of my local rags, I kept getting reports about a local girl who was forever outfishing the guys in local matches, she was having menstration (womens)problems at the time, which caused her estrogen levels and estrogen sweat emmittence to be extrememly high. She was effectively coating her maggots with a female attractant (homone) and the fish appeared to love it?

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