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    There's plenty of food for thought here in Barries' latest article on FM.

    PETA, etc? Looks like we could be fighting the wrong enemy if Barrie is right.

    But if you don't agree with him, why not?

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Some time ago I was invited to give an after dinner speech on fishing at a local Rotary Club meeting.

    There was not one angler present but at the end of it a number of the people who were present came up and congratulated me on my little speech and said I had thrown an entirely new light on what many of them had thought was a cruel sport.

    Fortunately most of the MPs, mainly labour in this area are pro-angling. The Libs Dems are anti-angling to a man (or woman) and that tells you a story doesn't it?

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Ron, you continue slating the Lib-Dems as being anti-angling and yet no national policy of theirs is directed against us.

    What I believe is a problem in the Lib-Dems is that a lot of members who would be Greens (possibly Friends Of The Earth activists), have realised that they will get nowhere and so have joined the Lib -Dems as being the closest to their beliefs. Or the easiest to target with their misguided chatter, as Barrie says. Most of the propaganda is not formed at or on political platforms or meetings, but at the buffet celebrations afterwards.

    Give your average political activists, be he Labour, Tory, Lib, or even UKIP, a few glasses of wine and a plate of vol-au-vents and he'll gladly listen to endless claptrap. He can't eat because his other hand holds the glass of wine, so all he can do is drink and get plastered. In the morning he remembers only those brain-washing elements from the previous evenings converstaion and spreads it liberally at future meetings.

    As they say "Throw enough s**t and some of it will stick".

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    OK Jeff but I would like to hear what they say officially about angling.

    All the investigations I have done in this area seem to point out the Lib Dems as being the biggest anti-anything party of the lot. They are not very liberal, nor are they very democratic.

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    Totally agree with Barrie about the BBC in particular. Their presenters must number among the most ill-informed and biased people in the land. That in itself isn't much of a problem but the fact that millions of people listen to them and think they their word is gospel, is a major problem, especially for anglers.

    I still hear, on a regular basis, on BBC, how swans are killed by anglers lead shot and you can't tell me they don't know the truth of it. The question is often raised "is angling cruel" but they seem to make it a statement not a question. Fifth columnists for PETA and the like is what they are and unfortunately there ain't a lot we can do about it.

    Politicians, like diapers, have to be changed frequently - and for the very same reason

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    Cakey Guest


    its not the presenters fault ...its the researchers

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    This is what the Lib-Dems say on angling -

    "Sorry, no matches were found containing angling."

    and that's official from their website.

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    Its right we stand our corner when faced with ignorance. However we musn't get paranoid about it. As I pointed out recently to the 'Greens', there are upwards of 3 million anglers in this country. Add to them their wives/husbands and older family members and you are probably looking at around 10 million voters. Which of the main political parties is going to be prepared to disenfranchise itself from this number of potential votes? Yes, we must be vigilant, but even the 'loony left' must realise that by adopting an anti-angling stance they are removing any chance of political power.

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    Stuart Wilson Guest



    Surley this is a **** take, or has the good professor suddenly developed a sense of irony????

    "One major dictionary refers to the term as a derogatory term covering educated people, operating as a social group and holding liberal opinions. I would modify that slightly by saying that they hold opinions, always, and on everything...."

    Sounds a pretty good decription of Barry Rickards himself!

    "well beyond the Bloomsbury Set who were typical, and nauseating to boot.."

    ......Personally acquainted with Virginia Woolf were you, or is this just part of having an opinion on everything!!!

    "The reason they even talk about it at all is because it has been drawn to their attention by the antis and by BBC journalists."

    ......A good job you don't suffer from a shallow appraisal of the media!

    "The Chattering Classes actually determine what happens in many of the social rules governing our country."

    .....You should know - you're probably most peoples idea of an archetypal chatterer!!

    How anybody with an academic background can write such ****, and presumable feel pleased with the finished product, is totally beyond me.

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    Big Rik Guest


    which is why they don't publish it in their manifestos or on their websites John.

    You're right about not being paranoid, but leopards don't change their spots, they just sit silently in the background until they think the time is right.

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