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Thread: What Counts

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    You often get the comment from some big fish anglers that certain fish don't count.

    Even on this website I have noted such comments.

    Some time ago I was in my tackle shop and an angler was showing pictures of some of the carp he had caught in France up to nearly 60 lbs.

    "Ah but they don't count." exclaimed one of the anglers present.

    Although I have never fished for carp in France myself, I understand from those who have, that they are not as easy as is made out. They still have to be caught, and what's wrong with being pleased with some nice big fish, irrespective as the where they are caught.

    Most of the very big fish I have caught in my life have been taken in other countries. I have fond memories of these fish that will stay with me forever.

    But according to some they don't count.

    Personally I think that this is a load of hogwash and reminds me of the "Ultracult" days of the 70s where rod hours counted more than fish caught.

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    Mar 2005
    herts/bucks border


    I even count the ones I've hooked in the vent Ron!!! and me best Tench was taken whilst Carping.

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    jason fisher Guest


    if it's hooked in the mouth it counts, if it isn't, it doesn't.
    as for fish caught in other countries they certainly don't count, except them mullet i caught off spain.

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    Big Rik Guest


    All fish count, that's why we go fishing.

    Personally, I don't weigh certain captures.
    If I catch tench or bream, whilst carping, then although they are appreciated as a good size, I don't weigh or photograph them.
    The same if it's roach or dace whilst fishing for barbel.
    It's a personal thing, but I wouldn't belittle people who did, each to their own.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    I fully agree Rik.

    Mind you if I caught a huge pike whilst zandering.......

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    jason fisher Guest


    hows about if you caught a 5lb perch while piking would you count that.

    i certainly would, i'd weigh it as well and get the photo's for proof.

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    Richard Huggett 1 Guest


    Why is it that when I go eel fishing I always catch bloody carp ?

    And when I went carp fishing all I caught was....................................naff all.

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    Richard Huggett 1 Guest


    Sorry, I lied....I did manage to catch one of the well known Wylands ducks.

    ooops !!

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    Jun 2007


    The only fish I don't count are those ones that nearly drag your rod in, as I allways feel I should have missed that one.
    Or been on top of it a lot sooner.
    I do count them really, but I never feel as if I have actually caught it, rather it is the fish that has caught me.

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    The Monk Guest


    Hooked a good carp up the bum once, and brought it in backwards, only realised when I got it to the net, it may not have counted, but it sure put up one hell of a fight!

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