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    Adrian Bartle Guest


    I would like to relate an incident that occurred the weekend just gone.
    My wifes' family were having a B-B-Q in Frimley Lodge park, this lies alongside the Basingstoke canal. Two young lads were fishing together until three drunken yobs came along and actually grabbed hold of a fish one of the lads was holding and bit it's head off! Then told them that they are going to mug a lady that was coming along the towpath. After intimidating this lady and her dogs they then pushed her into the canal. Luckily 2 of my sisters-in-law pulled her out while my 2 brothers-in-law managed to grab one of the b*****ds, while the other called the police. Thank God she was a good swimmer and the police took him away.

    This incident got me thinking that had I still had youngsters how worried I would be when they went out on their own.

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    Stuart Bullard 3 Guest


    Adrian - first of all well done to you and the family on standing up to these louts.

    I know I should not say it, and we have debated this many times before, but I would kick the living day lights out of the scum and not bothered with the police. I have very little faith in them getting proper justice for what they did (which should be the whip in my view).

    In terms of kids, I thought exactly the same last Sunday when I watched my 10 year old son slip into the local lake. Now he is a very good swimmer, at county club level, but with his jeans, coat, boots etc he was quickly struggling. I didn't actually help him (wasn't that deep) but instead stood at the side asking him what he was going to do, because one day he will be on his own!!

    It reminded me that I should sit down and have a serious talk about how to cope in such situations, and how to avoid them in the first place.

    I bet not many parents talk these situations through with their kids.

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    There are some real scumbags about aren't there, I could feel my temper rising just reading that account.

    I'm too old to start fighting these days and I have a dodgy ticker too, so this made me wonder what I would have done in that situation. I know what I would have liked to do, and that wouldn't involve the police, but I suppose, realistically, it would be to call the police as well. How frustrating is that.

    Politicians, like diapers, have to be changed frequently - and for the very same reason

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    Well done to you and your family alot would have just watched and then said how the world was going to hell.

    One of the safest things a youngster can carry is a rape alarm not intended for them but does get peoples attention. Also a mobile phone but mak it a old one or thy will be mugged for it.

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    I often come across youngsters fishing on their own, and in the dark as well.(12 years of age) I feel like giving the parents a slap.
    There are bogus bailiffs walking about, who wouldn't think twice of taking a young lads tackle, or demanding money from them for a fake ticket.

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    Yes Baz, or God forbid, even worse!

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    Laurie Harper Guest


    Gawd, there are some delightful people about, aren't there? Well done Adrian's family. Stuart's makes a good point - you have to try to avoid the possibility of getting into such situations, although I agree it's not always possible to predict. The Basingstoke is hardly the wild west/back of beyond, after all.

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    MaNick Guest


    "The Basingstoke is hardly the wild west/back of beyond, after all."... it's not far off it though!... ;-)

    Seriously, well done, and what a shame that these people feel the need to intimidate other's who choose to enjoy the surroundings of the waterside!...


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    John Hepworth Guest


    I view of a couple of fatalities involving youngsters on local waters in the last couple of years, my club sent all juniors, and there parents, a notice about youngsters fishing alone after a certain time on club waters. In it we were asking that they either be accompanied by an adult, or at least have written consent from a parent or guardian. To date almost 10 months on, we have yet to receive one reply.

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    " didn't actually help him (wasn't that deep) but instead stood at the side asking him what he was going to do, because one day he will be on his own!!"

    I really smiled at that, visualising "Competetive Dad" in the old Fast Show!!

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