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    Ron Clay Guest


    This month's Waterlog has been dedicated to the memory of Bernard Venables. If you haven't got it I suggest you do.

    The articles by Peter Rogers, Mark Wintle, Tom Fort, my old friend Peter Wheat and Bernard himself brought tears to my eyes.

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    Davy North Guest


    I've been trying to get hold of a copy for ages. I've put orders in in a few newsagents which have come to nothing. However I've now gone direct to them on the net, but they seem only to deal with back issues.

    I've never seen a copy, but what I've seen and read about it sounds right up my street.
    I may put an order in for Angling Star which I also never seen.

    Just a thought, has the latest issue of Waterlog been delayed due to the death of BV, and is that the reason the newsagents havn't had it?

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    Ron, I agree with your comments. A lovely tribute to Bernard Venables.
    Davy, I order my copy through W. H. Smith newsagents. They have a magazine ordering service which is completely free.
    Ron, where do you get your copy from?

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    Ron Clay Guest


    A local newsagent keeps it for me

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    John McLaren Guest


    Davy, Waterlog have a subscription department - phone 01454 620070 with credit card details. It really is a great magazine a little expensive but worth the extra.

    Angling Star is a bit disappointing (well I thought so) haven't bought a copy for some time but it seemed to be primarily aimed at the South Yorkshire area, but there are bits from around the North West and elsewhere. I would describe it as a glossy version of the 1960s Angling Times - not as much coverage as the present AT but a friendlier feel to it.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    AS is very much aimed for South Yorkshire. Some months it is mediocre. Other months can be brilliant. Any magazine is only as good as the people who write for it.

    Why not send in an article?

    And by the way it's not bad for 65p

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    Davy North Guest


    Angling Star, top notch. It's the first time I've seen it and I'm very impressed. I only hope the South Yorks boy realise how lucky they are to have publication like that. It's also nice to see my old mate Jeff Herbert writing in there.

    I might have mentioned before that I tried to start a local angling mag around the Teesside area, unfortunately the first issue never covered it's printing costs, although may people were very supportive, Jeff was one. I havn't quite given up hope of bringing out another issue.

    However there are still plenty of the first one left, so if anyone is interested, or they just want to ease the strain on the bin men's back when I chuck them out E-mail me your address and I will be only too happy to send you a copy. You won't be disappointed, actually you probably will.

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    I never realised that you could get Waterlog through a newsagents. I shall be up to my local and get my mate to order it for me. I've heard about it for a few years and longed for a copy but thought it was subscription only. You live and learn.

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