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    Bill Eborn Guest


    Thames Water is to appear before the London Assembly's Health and Public Services Committee re: the release of raw sewage into the lower Thames during the floods last month. See below for the Beeb's take on the story.

    It seems from this story that the sewage was 'pumped' i.e deliberately released into the river which is interesting. On a side note, the story also has a picture of a dead Zander - I'd hearcd there were a few in the lower Thames, never having caught a zander next time I go up to visit my sis I think I might have a little try for them.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    what has lead to this meeting? the deaths of those fish?

    No. It's because people, rowers and other river users, are now writing to their Councillors complaining of the health risk to humans. Fair enough, but it shows that no-one gives a stuff about the fish!

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    Nigel Moors 2 Guest


    Jeff - ****** all will be done about this. We as a angling brotherhood don't seem to have made enough noise to bring this about -if anyone knows different then please enlighten us.

    The BBC article tells us all we need to know - the chairwoman has some 'stern' words about questions being asked but then we read that the London Assy themselves warned about the overloaded system and the possibility of sewage being pumped into the river. Sounds like a done deal to me!

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