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    There's a job going on FISHINGmagic. If you're interested in fishing (and it's not likely you'd be reading this if you weren't!) and have sales experience, then take a closer look and drop us an email.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Graham, give me a shout if u need a Studio Manager or new media

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    John Spink Guest


    Why is that Rob...You know some decent ones??

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    What's a new media author - does it make me an old media author then..?

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    John Spink Guest


    That's just Rob doing his jazzy techno speak stuff....He thinks everybody has the same knowledge of multimedia etc etc as me ie NONE!!!
    Hope being a new media author doesn't involve spelling...He can only spell Pike!!!

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    No Chris, just old. Mind you, I'd better shut up, compared to me you're a sprightly youngster!

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    Jeremy Tapp Guest


    Hey Graham,

    We're looking for another developer too. I've added that into the article. Hope you don't mind.

    Anyone who is interested can email me on

    Oh, yes, that is a New Media Developer, yes...


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    People think I'm still in my developing years, but I'm digital now.........

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    Jonathan Faro Guest


    OK I have no previosu sales experiance, well I make dougnoughts which get sold for my saturday job. I'm leaving college on the 27th when I finish my exams so if thats anything liek enough I cna put together a CV, How about it?


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