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    duncan saunders Guest


    is there anyone who can give me an idea of how to do my own scorecard for a coarse fishing match my hubby has arranged for his workmates

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    Wolfman Woody Guest



    It depends on how you're going to structure the prize list and whether there are sections to the match (where in opens there's many anglers and as well as overall winners you have a winner for a section of the venue). If there's less than 20 it's not worth doing sections.

    Create a sheet in Excel or simply draw some columns and lines on a piece of paper.

    You want a column for - peg number - name - is the angler in the extra pool (if you have one) - final weight - and finishing position. Simple as that.

    Fill their names in as they draw a peg.

    Assign the scales to a random number before you start, say no 8 or if there's more than 10 anglers maybe the end peg as well. These anglers are responsible for weighing and have to take the scales and a part score sheet.

    Don't forget a whistle!

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