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    John Hepworth Guest


    Below are copies of e-mails regarding lost money, and dodgy insurance companies

    I have just received the following e-mails from my club Treasurer regarding lost money on an insurance policy we took out. Sadly it looks like many more clubs could have lost out, but if it saves any more losing money it could be worth outing the company:-

    SMG Risk Solutions

    This all came about when we, and no doubt many more clubs, found it difficult to get cover last year.(they all blamed it on 9-11)
    We eventually got fixed up through NAFAC, but not before losing a couple of hundred quid.

    John Hepworth

    ************************************************** ******************

    John, regarding that 'insurance' company, if you read the e-mail below from Debbie Creasey of the Trout & Salmon Assoc, it appears that we [ probably along with dozens of other clubs ] were sold a policy which appeared to be endorsed by the Trout & Salmon Assoc but in fact it wasn't. I copied her the letters I have sent and she has agreed to also write to them on our behalf.

    It sounds like they are a right bunch of th***ng c****ys who need 'outing'in the Angling Press.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Debbie Creasy []
    Sent: 28 September 2004 10:30
    To: Frank Bell
    Subject: RE: SMG Risk Solutions

    Dear Frank,

    As soon as we became aware that SMG were continuing to use our name to promote other insurance cover we instructed them to cease immediately and wrote to all of our club members explaining the situation. Unfortunately,
    it appears that your club membership had lapsed so you would not have received the letter. The contact we had for your club was a Mr Hedley,
    perhaps the renewal notices were being sent to the wrong person? I will put an enrolment form in the post to you in the hope that your club would like to renew its membership. In the meantime I will write to SMG on your behalf.



    -----Original Message-----
    From: Frank Bell []
    Sent: 28 September 2004 09:47
    To: 'Debbie Creasy'
    Subject: RE: SMG Risk Solutions

    Dear Debbie,

    I am rather surprised by what you have said in your e-mail because
    the letter I have from SMg Risk Solutions dated 15th September 2003
    cleary states at the top, in bold, 'Salmon & Trout Insurance Cover'
    and then offers rates based on the number of members in the club.

    In that case I'd say that we, along with many other clubs, have probably
    been completely misled into believing that this scheme, like the previous
    scheme, was endorsed by The Salmon & Trout Association. I can perhaps fax you
    a copy ?

    I have attached the letters I have sent going back to January when I initially tried to cancel the 'Salmon & Trout' policy in favour of a better scheme. As previously mentioned, the last letter was sent to the managing director of the company and sent special recorded delivery !!!


    Frank Bell
    Durham City Angling Club

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    Cheeky Monkey too Guest


    You're better off going through NAFAC and tellign the others to NAFF OFF!

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    John Hepworth Guest


    Thats what we do now Jeff, NAFAC that is.

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