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Thread: Uni/grinner

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    So what IS the difference between the uni and grinner knot?

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    The line when tying the uni (or clinch) knot goes thru the swivel twice at the start of the knot. Other than that they are both identical. If you look in any John Wilson book he describes these knots. Personally I use the Pallamar knot for braid as its never let me down. The grinner knot I use for mono.


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    James Gibbinson Guest


    Uni, Grinner and Jansik Special are the same knot. Once through eye, twice through eye and number of turns are individual variations.
    What I call the Clinch Knot is a sort of back-to-front Uni/Grinner/Jansik. What the Americans call a Clinch Knot is a multi-turn Half Blood, as is the Trilene Knot, except that in the last named the tag end is double-tucked.
    Very few knots have a definitive form; different books illustate them in different ways.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Quite right Jim.

    In SA we knew it as the Uni knot.

    The trilene knot I use quite a lot. It's very good for fluorocarbon, as is the palomar knot.

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