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Thread: SWAG v. RMC

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    James Bradshaw Guest


    Mornin', chaps - just spent a happy half-hour reading thru the original thread, and I was wondering whether or not the proposed match is going to go ahead? And someone mentioned ''runners''... well, I would be happy to do this (work permitting, that is) - it'd be nice to meet some of you people in person, I only live a couple of miles down the road from Fisher's Green, and it'd be good to have a look at the place again - I used to fish it on a semi-regular basis during the 90's. Even if this isn't possible, I'd be interested to know what the outcome of the match was...

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Mails are still flying around between the respective captains.

    I'm sure some more info will be forthcoming.

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    Do your self a favour James and get another ticket.Also I've heard nothing for a while about the match,must speak to Ian about it.Check the RMC site to see what happened opening night/day awesome fishing for some.

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    James Bradshaw Guest


    Neil - having bought AM today, I think you might be right! Me and my fishing partner were toying with going back to the Green for this season as it goes, but we decided on somewhere neither of us have been before for a change. Oh, and w/d on your session at Frimley...

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