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Thread: Nicknames

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    James Gibbinson Guest


    Excuse my naivity - I'm a newcomer to this website forum business - but why do a large percentage of contributors use nicknames or pseudonyms? Were I to receive an anonymous letter through the post, I'd throw it in the bin. Are anonymous Forum contributions any more valid than anonymous letters? Is hiding behind a nickname mere cowardice? Does anonymity give meek people the courage to make controversial statements? Or are there reasons too complex and subtle for me to understand?
    From Puzzled of Rochester

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    Various reasons for it Jim.

    It's partly to do with convention, like the CB Radio fans had 'handles'.

    Some are posting from work and don't want the gaffer to find out.

    One or two are using nicknames they're best known by.

    Others are indeed hiding for various fairly good reasons.

    And yet others are hiding for the reasons you mention, in that it gives meek people the courage to hold an opinion that might not be popular.

    Apart from odd ones, most of those with nothing to hide can be found by clicking the name and taking a look at their profile.

    Then there are those that use their real name but leave their profile completely blank.........

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    Hi James, wellcome to the site. I think you will find that this was discussed quite recently, follow this for the responses:
    Home > Forum > General > Hidden FM members
    By clicking on the members id regardless of nickname you will often find much more info.
    But even then if your not known to anyone on the site, who say's your really James Gibbinson ??

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    john conway Guest


    Some people may use a nickname they already have? If you click on the nickname youíll find that their public profile comes up and there they tell you what there name is and a little bit more about themselves. If you click on your own name for instance noting comes up about you?
    If you wanted to hind behind a name and not make it obvious then you could always type in a conventional name which is not your own?
    In most cases on FM a nick name is just that, thereís nothing sinister or cowardly about itís use.

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    Dam beat by 1 minute, :-(

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    john conway Guest


    Whoops you two beat me to it?

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    I have used this name since joining F.M. a few years back now, I had details in my profile at that time but since the upgrade they seem to have gone. When corrosponding with members through E-mail or letter I have obviously given my real name and it's also been included in some discussions on here in the past.

    Does it really matter, as stated by the above posts, I could easily call myself James Gibbinson..... who would know I wasn't?

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    Profiles can be edited by clicking on the link 'My Profile', top left of this page under 'FISHINGmagic Member'.

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    Richard Huggett 1 Guest


    Me....? I'm me.

    I think.

    I was me just I guess I'm still me ?

    I'm off to find myself. If I don't get back and you find me, please leave me here. If it's me...

    I'll get me coat...

    if it's my coat.

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    sash Guest


    Oh dear Richard, those eels get to you again? And no, it isn't, you've a 1 after your name. Must be a different Richard.

    I understand what you're saying Jim (or do you prefer James?) and I've raised the point before but the lads above are right, I could be anybody posting under a false identity. Not that I'd choose to call myself Sascha though obviously!

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