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    Angler's Mail jumped tp Tuesday this week. Being old enough to remember when they were Fridays then gradually back to Thursday, Wednesday and now Tuesday, how long before Monday?

    And are we losing out in that a paper late in the week encourages more weekend anglers?

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    Jeff (Cheeky Monkey) Woodhouse Guest


    I was thinking that just the other day Mark.

    When it came out on Thursdays (that's when I started buying it in 196n ) if gave me soemthing to plan for the weekend. Friday I could get the bait on my way home and Saturday I'd be off.

    Tuesday doesn't mean that much to me and the only benefit that I see is the match results from last weekend. Richard - if you're reading this, take it on board!

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    I would think that the publications have to strike a balance between getting all of the results and catches in from the previous weekend, and not leaving too long between that and the publication day.

    I don't plan my fishing days around anything I read in the angling press, so from a personal pint of view I don't mind when they reach the newsagents.

    Just like Mark I too am old enough to remember the Friday publication day, but I have to admit that I quite like the Tuesday as it means that I can buy this week's edition before flying off to work for the next 10 days.

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    Angling Times is printed on a Sunday night and this allows us to chart the entire week's news. From big fish, political elements, right through to match results. The moment the last match snippet is in to us on Sunday evening, the whole lot heads off to the printers and we get it on the streets as soon as we possibly can.
    If moving days means we would sell more copies I'm sure the shareholders would want us to change, but I'm not sure there would be many positives in altering the current situation.

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    Jeff (Cheeky Monkey) Woodhouse Guest


    "If moving days means we would sell more copies I'm sure the shareholders would want us to change"

    But then why did it alter in the first place to Wednesday, then Tuesday? I appreciate you have all the news from the last week, but what about overspill from the weekend, whcih may not hit the fan until Monday morning. There's always a problem with any paper (even the dailys) as to where you cut off - hence the "Stop Press" columns.

    Thursday always seemed the natural day to go out and get the AT. Perhaps it had something to do with the gaffer paying us on a Thursday and AT was the first thing you purchased. Perhaps now that everyone is on salaries, paid into the bank, it doesn't matter any more.

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    John Hepworth Guest


    Even more time for the local papers up here to lift the news articles. If there are ever any mistakes in the Times/Mail it's a sure bet the same mistakes are in the local papers and radio reports.

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    MaNick Guest


    I dont see the publishing day making too much difference?..

    Mind you, i dont read the match results.

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    Bill Cox Guest


    Don't see it matters when they come out the pair of em couldn't produce a good paper between em. Just adverts rehash and self opinionated prats and more adverts, i cancelled both my subscriptions some time ago.

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    Harsh words, Bill.
    Send me your address and I'll forward a copy of the new Angling Times. It is very different and I believe next week's paper is a really excellent read.
    From your picture it looks like you are into carp, there is now a 40 page carp supplement with AT every week (UK Carp) and part of that editorial team is Terry Hearn - surely you respect 'Tel'?

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    John Hepworth Guest


    Don't go round the houses Bill, tell us what you really think.
    I only buy either of the two weeklies these days if I think there is anything interesting in. I'm afraid 40 + pages of carp and other 'fed up' fish does nothing for me.

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