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    Default Chub Smart Box Dimensions?

    Does anyone have a Chub smart box?

    If so, what are the dimensions?

    They don't do them in my local shops so can't go and measure. Chub don't give them on their site either.

    I've noticed this with a lot of tackle boxes - supplies describe them as small, medium and large, etc.. Why can't they just state the dimensions then we know how big they are exactly and whether the are suitable for our needs
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    Dimensions....... 290mm (W) x 240mm (D) x 53mm (H)

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    Good man, thanks

    Do you have a Chub Rigger Bag? If so does the box fit in the plastic bottom or the front pocket OK?
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    No mate. But all the Chub gear i find superb.

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    I have the chub box - next time we fish together have a try - but give it me back - you've still got that rod Uncle Dave "lent" you for a weekend 5 years ago
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    Matt, don't buy one. I've got one you can have - collect it at Boundary at the weekend (you can show you grattitude wit beer!)
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    i want half that beer

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    I just don't want to look!
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