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    Is this going to be just another boost to carp fishing?

    Or is it the death knell for our other species?

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    Peter (Tackle Tart) Jacobs Guest


    Why on earth would we need more Carp in the first place?
    Or is it that these are large specimens bigger than those we currently have?
    If so, then what does that do to any potential record?
    Yet another strain of Carp to duplicate the record books with?

    The mind fairly boggles!

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    John Lock Guest


    Hey Gringos! We don' wan' no more steenkin' carpses. Keep 'em down under.

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    Les Clark Guest


    Peter,You have said it all mate, I cannot understand the reason`s behind it,Echo are trying to stop import`s and yet the CEFAS have got the green light,a bit of a slap in the face, and as you point out ,in year`s to come what are we going to end up with ?
    Has thing`s are now, at least in my neck of the wood`s ( Kent),the club`s are domanited by carp,why would we want more ?

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    Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA) Guest


    "Shela" & "Bruce" would make a welcome change from"two-tone" etc & his mates.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    For crying out loud, the populations of carp in this country are bursting at the seams. What we do need is some judicious culling of our own, never mind the importation of a sub-strain that might have serious consequences for our indigenous species.

    This is "asylum seeking" gone mad!!!

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    Peter (Tackle Tart) Jacobs Guest


    "Shela" & "Bruce" would make a welcome change from"two-tone" etc.

    Nigel, now that is a piece of;
    "Fishing Magic" you have brightened up an otherwsie very dreary Dutch afternoon.

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    rob tudor Guest


    Having been down under and seen the scale of the carp problem we might as well have a wee in the north sea to raise sea levels for all the difference it will make while the'er at it they might as well send us back our rabbits and sheep and chuck in a few cane toads for good measure.
    As for "shela & Bruce" make a change from "pierre & jacques" i suppose.

    If they are going to send us some fish how about some Barramundi they'll liven up the fens!!

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    Carp chips and peas please. SOUNDS GOOD.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Remember that way back in the late 70s, Richard Walker - doyen of the carp scene himself, warned of the overpopulation of carp, not only in Britain but the world.

    I cannot speak for Australia as I have never lived there, but I can speak for Southern Africa where carp have been responsible for the extinction of over 30 species of indigenous fish.

    Let's for goodness sake keep a sense of values when we talk about importing foreign species. We don't need them, we don't want them. Although I do like catching zander (and eating them) I think the importation of these fish was a mistake.

    Catfish are OK provided they are kept confined in land locked waters.

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