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    Gary Knowles 2 Guest


    I know of a couple of cases where individuals are putting at risk the fishing of many people. In one case anglers are bivvying up on small rivers in search of a couple of known fish. OK, so night fishing is allowed and the persons involved say they arenít breaking any rules and not harming the fish. The other response is ďIím not harming anyone elseís fishingĒ. Well apart from the obvious problem of stitching up of swims long term there is do doubt that they WILL EVENTUALLY affect other anglers. Itís a matter of time before a bailiff comes down at first light to fish a favourite swim and finds a bivvy in it. Follow this with a couple of complaints from other anglers at the next AGM and before you know it night fishing is banned. All the anglers who sensibly fished for a few hours into dark now suffer because of the bloody mindedness of a couple of individuals.

    Likewise catch reports on known waters with night fishing bans, with anglers holding fish against black skies. Are they really so naive to think that committee members monitor the press and websites, donít they realise itís a matter of time before the bailiffs get together and swoop. When that happens everyone else can forget that couple of hourís discreet fishing after dusk.

    Do these people realise what they are risking for others, or do they really not care as long as they achieve their own goals short term.

    Or am I just way off the mark on this one ?

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    I`ve stopped fishing one stretch of river because a bivvy appeared after a nice double figure barbel came out.He was there for a week,to my knowledge.

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    Phil Hackett 2 Guest


    Somebody nicked your favourite swim Barney? :0)

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    When I lived in Leamington Spa I used to spend a lot of time on the River Leam. In time I got the measure of this little river and had some remarkable catches of chub and roach.

    One Saturday I took 14 chub, every one over 4 lbs, best 5 lbs.3 oz.

    I happened to mention the catch to a friend of mine. Unfortunately he was know to the Coventry Circus and word got around.

    Next weekend there were over 30 cars parked by the Offchurch bridge. In the field, there were TWO bivvies with rods on pods with bite alarms attached.

    The little river was lined with anglers.

    I've got nothing against anglers who bivvy up because I do it mayself from time to time, but not on a little river like the Leam.

    And one of the guys in one of the bivvies was asleep.

    The final result of this debacle was that the club lost the fishing on this stretch and although the farmer still let me fish, he fenced most of the river frontage off.

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    Coops Guest


    Barney, I don't expect they are even bright enough to have the question of possible consequencies enter their heads. After the event they will whinge like mad and still not see the problem was all theirs. Guaranteed they will see themselves as victims of stupid rules.

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    Gary Knowles 2 Guest


    Maybe your right Coops. But I've a horrible feeling most know what the long term consequences will be but dont give a sh*t...

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    Jun 2007


    To answer the questions of this thread, I think it starts off as misguided, then goes on to stupidness, then pure blind ignorance and arrogance, of how they are affecting every body else. Pure stupidity.
    But it is not only the clubs who can see what is going on by reading a posting

    We now have the Antiís to think about. Where would they look to find out the most popular areas? The fishing forums of course. All supplied with maps and directions, by thoughtless people.

    They must be rubbing their hands at all this valuable information on where to go. And donít forget, we may have a closed season on rivers, but for the poachers this is the open season. With nobody there to see them, they will be having a field day.
    So anybody reading this, take note of what is being said. If you had youre own private stretch of river and wanted to lose youre fish, thatís fine. But donít lose them for everybody else.

    Farmers will soon get annoyed with the amount of extra anglers comeing through his yard at all times of the night. If you donít believe this, then why have certain farmers re- directed anglers away from their houses. Not only that, but vandalism, yes it does happen. Leaveing gates open, yes it does happen. Useing a farmers yard to park, and then go fishing elsewere. They will get fed up with it, and put a stop to it eventually.
    And then one day, the farmer thinks, hang on a minuet, I have never seen so many anglers fishing this part of the river before, it must be a good stretch, I think Iíll auction it off to the highest bidder, probably a syndicate.
    Do you think that canít happen? Well it can and it did.

    These are the couldnít care less brigade who donít posess any licence what so ever. Litter louts, campers, drug taking. All with a rod or two in their hands. Then the wrecking and burning out of anglers cars begins, smashed windows, items stolen from youre car. Anglers being beaten up and robbed.

    All the above is what I have witnessed over the years.
    I could add more to this list, If you want to lose a fishery, then this is the way to go about it. By giving that little bit more information away every time you post. But what the heck, Iím entitled to say what like and stuff the consequences.

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    Jun 2007


    Here are just two things I experienced while sat fishing on the river, both last year.

    Three blokes and a kid, Gypsy types. First question was, any barbel in here mate? To which I said I donít think so, its mainly roach.
    They then stood back from me, but I could hear what they were whispering about. One of them said -: we could do this place easily.

    Another situation, same river.
    I was approached by a bloke who told me he had his own fishery, and was looking to stock it with some more fish, again he wanted to know if there were barbel in this particular stretch.
    He actually told me he got his info off websites, on where to go.

    I really do find it hard to understand the thinking behind people who give so much information away on an open forum.
    ****** it, I do really, it's for there own self esteem. That is my honest opinion.

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    The Monk Guest


    I suppose I`ve been guity of swim hogging over the years, sometimes occupying swims for months or between us a full season, suppose its a bit selfish really. Dont at the Carp Society`s Horeshoe Lake in Lechlade, they implimented a rule that said you had to change swim every 7 days. I must admit, I did find this sort of fishing a bit of a pain at times, especially if you managed to get the carp going about 4 days in, but it did however work quite well and gave everyone a fair crack of the whip

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    Apr 2005


    I've got no desire to stay all night on the river, a couple of hours or more into darkness is about right for me, but if night fishing is allowed then it's allowed, simple as that.

    Ideally you should have a rule restricting the number of nights that can be fished in the same swim, or maybe just ban bivvies on rivers.

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