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    I like the idea of a waterproof case that enables the camera to be used while still inside the case - an obvious benefit when wanting to take a trophy-pic while rain is bucketing down. But if the requirement is simply for a waterproof/dustproof case while the camera is in a ruck-sack, why not do as I've done for many years and carry it in a snap-lid Tupperware type sandwich box? In addition to being waterproof and dustproof, a sandwich box is crush-proof; and if lined with soft sponge-foam, is shock-proof, too.

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    Jim, I've done the same for many years but, as you say, the Aquapac case is good for taking shots when it's raining without having to keep the camera under a brolly.

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    Deecy Guest


    How does it perform with raindrops on the outer case.

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    The Monk Guest


    I`ve been using fitted raincoats for taking pictures in the rain, these fit around the camera body but leave the lense free and still allow you to fit the camera on a tripod.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Don't see how you're going to get a sharp pic through one of these case things, it'll surely make the AF on the camera hunt if it's raining.

    Brollies, coats, cars, carrier bags - they all come in handy.

    Fr worse than a few drops of rain is getting your kit damp and fungus forming on your lenses.

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