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Thread: What digital??

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    My wife is buying me a digital camera for Christmas, but i'm unsure as to which one to go for, the criteria is price below £150, 3.2 - 4 Mp, self timer, attach to bankstick for when i fish on my own and reasonably waterproof. All suggestions gratefully received

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    Hello Hutch. Got myself a Olympus MJU400 in July, full metal body, slash proof and comes with a remote control, ideal when you are your own fishing, its small enough to fit on belt or in pocket so ok for carrying holidays, very impressed with results, taken quite a few now at low light on river bank no problems and easy to use. Have a look at Olympus web site, also check out sites for prices, they can differ quite a bit hope this helps, I spent months before deciding which to go for, its same with tackle I suppose that many to choose from, this model has already been upgraded but only difference is you can talk on to the movie section which this camera has, but tell the truth never used it yet, and itís a extra £50. Peter.

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    Nigel Moors 2 Guest


    Hutch - I have and use a Fuji S5000. It's a bit bulky compared to the one Peter has suggested but has dropped in price a lot since I bought it last Dec. My shift colleague has though bought the Olympus one and he's delighted with it. He's relatively new to this and finds it easy to use and more importantly to him it slips into a small pocket much like his old Canon Ixus film camera.

    He shopped around for that and found a good deal at PC world whereby he got the camera and Epson R200 photo printer for approx. £170.

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    Mel Crighton Guest


    Take a look in ASDA doing a special deal on Fuji A320 £99.47

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    Big Rik Guest


    I'm selling my fabulous Fuji FinePix 4700 if you're interested.

    See my other post in the general section. here

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    Birds Nest 2 Guest


    Cannon A75 from 7dayshop.

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