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Thread: Tackle Theft

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    Vince Battams Guest


    Halloween is not just a night for the trick or traters to come knocking at your door, its also a night where those nasty ghouls come kick in your back gate, gain entrance to your garage via a side door in your garden and help themselves to whatever they can find, this tile on working it out about 3.000 of carp and match tackle, then unlock yor garage from inside and walk out, if not ride as the scum had my bike too never to be seen again.
    This is not the first time this has happened i got hit about 5 years ago, and improved security a little more. But where do you stop, how much do you have to spend before you can stop these *******s, if any of you have advice here on what measures i should take then please fire away, even if you come up with ideas i have already employed.

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    Nigel Moors 2 Guest


    Vince - sorry to hear about your tackle loss. Gutting.

    Have e-mailed you separately.

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    Sorry to hear about this Vince, I hope that you are insured.
    These sort of people are the lowest form of scum.
    I know what I'd like to do to them and it would mean my bait box would be full for a few months.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Vince - this is genuine police advice.

    Draw a line across the front of your house. Any side passages should be blocked off along that line or as near to it as possible with a lockable or boltable gate.

    Install PID lights to come on. You don't need highly powerful ones, but enough to scare them at night.

    Doors to the garage should be secured with a 5 lever Chubb lock as well as a Yale or similar. The main garage door should also be locked or blocked if the car isn't stored in there.

    House - lock all windows that aren't normall opened for fresh air and keep them locked. Doors - same as garage plus bolt on the back door. French sliding doors double locked also with locks that prevent removal.

    Don't bother getting a dog because the evil scum will nail that with a baseball bat like they did with my previous dog.

    If you want to take it to extremes, get yourself equiped with CCTV and video recorder, but it's a bloody pain remembering to change the tape every day. Keep 7 tapes, one for each day if you do.

    Around any fences or potential week spots plant pyracantha or other really thorny bushes. No-one wants to fall into them.

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    Nigel Moors 2 Guest


    Christ Jeff! That sounds like having your own stalag! I take it from what you say about your dog you've been done then? So far have been lucky but that's probably due to rural location?

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    Les Clark Guest


    Vince, I would never put my gear in the shed or garage, asking for trouble.

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    jason fisher Guest


    at least they left your pliers.
    so you've got some thing to amuse yourself with when you find the little shits that did it.

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    Big Rik Guest


    wire the garage door to the mains, accidently...

    or, buy one of these shed alarm
    one pp9 battery, not much use, but really, really loud. Probably enough to scare the **** out of them.
    A mate has got one. Suprisingly good for a tenner.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Yes I've been done before. 1990 when they broke in a injured the dog. We had to have him put down at the age of 5 as he was suffering fits which started soon after the break in.

    Then again around 1995 I'd just gone inside for 5 minutes for a quick drink, James Bond was on the box. My wife said "Who's that running to the gate?" The little *******s had been in the garage and taken the pressure sprayer and a pack of 24 cans of beer. I got the police on the job quick and they were looking around for two teenagers ****** out of their minds. They never got caught and all I got back was the plastic box the sprayer was kept in and the nozzles.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    I have my Katana now - God help them.

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