Hi my names is Greg, im a young lad who works for nash tackle.

on the 28th and 29th of August we are running a free show at crown netherhall fishery located in the lea valley. I had a walk around the venue last week and iv gota say that it is a stunning little venue with an awsome stock. wile i was there i watched a guy bank a stunning mid 20lb leather, hopefully we can catch a few for anybody attending.

We will be doing bait and rig demonstrations, we also have a dedicated juniors area. If you are young and keen or you have kids that you would like to get envolved in the sport come along as we offer free tuition to people of all ages and abilitys. If we get a take wile your there you get to hit and play the fish. Thers a good stock of 30lbers in here so there is a good chance thet we could help you catch one.

hope to see you there all are welcome