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Thread: EA license

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    Default EA license

    I only got my license fairly recently (not been fishing for a while) and was surprised to see how flimsy it is. Just like a bit of cornflakes packet
    I can't see it lasting the rest of the season in one piece, so I was thinking of laminating it. Is there any reason why not?
    I know in the old days they used to like to write on it after checking, but I can't imagine them wanting to write on these.

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    I cant see why you shouldnt try to weatherproof.........our hobby is hardly indoors.

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    I keep mine with my club book in a plastic zip-lock bag thing, but I see no reason why you shouldn't laminate it.
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    Fortunately I receive lots of sample club cards/self sealing laminated covers. Put the EA 'paper' card in and job done. Same for the AT card, for now.

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