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    Mark Pleasance Guest


    My deepest sympathy goes to the familys of the 2 dead anglers, it is a tragic loss! hopefully now all us anglers should learn from this!.
    When i go out in a boat in summer i do so with no life jacket because i am only wearing shorts and a t-shirt, in winter however i always wear a life jacket because if i went in and all my winter clothing got wet there would be no way under all the weight that i could survive.
    Please please lets learn from this tragic accident, its not the first time it has happened and it will probably not be the last.
    TO ALL ANGLERS, LETS START TO THINK A LITTLE MORE so our familys dont have to go through what the familys of the 2 dead anglers have had to.

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    Our deepest sympathy to all families, from all at CACG.

    We often work from boats, but as anglers often become complaicent along the bank. Whilst in boats our Health & Safety policy insists all have Life Jakets. The self inflating modles dont restrict movement , infact we often forget we have them on.

    But for those , including myself who are regulars on the water or bank, its all to easy to think "Ill be ok today". Even whilst working next to or over hanging the water on the bank we do use our jackets.

    How much do you spend on a bivie, Rod, membership fees? a jkt will set you back about 40 to 60, Think its worth it.

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