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    Mark Frame Guest


    in this weeks AM the saga was continued regarding syndicates on the ouse barring joe public (blaa blaa blaa,)
    as someone who fishes the ouse regularly (scince1991)I am getting cheesed of with constant rumours about this stretch and that stretch.
    I know its a bad thing to say but it has to be said
    I for one cant wait for the barbel record to be broken from another water so the circus can move on. its been on the ouse for to long now
    or maybe when this current head of fish has died thru angling pressure ...
    I think I better stop before I go to far here.
    whats your opinion?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I truely feel for u. Years ago on a water in Essex, I started getting loads of carp on floating crust. When word got out, the water was mobbed. I could not fish in peace anymore. I know its not really the same..but in situations like that u just wish people would go away. Its the same when Trout soon as u start to catch, the bank either side of you suddenly fills up. Sometimes u hope the fish wont bite!.

    Unfortuantly, Barbel are the in fish just now....but for how long? People forget that when carp fishing took off, syndicates were formed all over the country, even here in Scotland..and vast areas of water were shut off to general anglers...but nothing was said!...Strange

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    Mark Frame Guest


    my own feeling on it is "journos"
    look at the way the weeklies and monthlies come to think of it seem to make as much of a fuss of it as possible only this week AT p4 barbel from ouse
    yet underneath 2 barbel over 14lb from the trent which one are your eyes drawn too the one in BOLD LETTERING or the one in small lettering as i scan now a barbel of 14lb claimed on the severn again small enough to miss.

    Its made my mind up silence is defenatly golden.
    I hope the record goes again this year but not on the ouse.
    maybe I should start a rumour that the record has been broken by a fish on the thames

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    Rob Brownfield Guest

    Default are correct...I had not noticed that...but yep..Ouse barbel seem to be like Redmire Carp...anything else does not seem to get the credit.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    That's the meejah for you mate - build 'em up, knock em down.

    Give it a few weeks and it'll be OUSE BARBEL IN THREE IN A GRAVEL BED SHOCK - you mark my words.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest

    Default true...its the British way...we love the underdog...until the underdo is on u say...we knock em down

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