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    With regard to Sport England's four year funding settlement for angling; forgive my ignorance, but I'd like to ask what the funding (however much or modest it might be) is actually for? The mention of medals in Martin Salter MP's letter to Sport England's Chief Executive, Roger Draper, suggests that it might be primarily directed towards international competitions. Then again, the reference to having a good influence on youngsters and reducing antisocial behaviour, suggests that part of it might go towards angling schemes for youngsters. I'll refrain from commenting on the merits or otherwise of funding international competitions or schemes to get youngsters into fishing, but I'd like to know if these are the current and/or intended beneficiaries of funding; or will funding go somewhere else entirely. Only when we know where funding goes can we gauge whether or not angling should receive more of it or, indeed, if what we are already getting is being well spent.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    I think that Martin Salter had to broach the competitive side of angling, especially when writing the likes of Roger Draper.

    Most people like Draper, who is probably a non-angler, only see sports where competition on national and international level takes place. And we all know that match anging, both sea, coarse and trout, only attracts a small percentage of the greater angling public.

    Like Jim, I certainly would like to see where the money will be spent, or is being spent.

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    swordsy Guest


    Its a refreshing change to see a politician being open and frank in his support for anglers.

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    Deecy Guest


    To get funding from a Government body or such things as the Lottery and Sport England you will have to show what you hope to achieve, how that will be achieved and how this will be measured.Results will have to be tangible ie medals.There is no way of showing how many kids have been turned from a life of crime.All the Olympic sports are under pressure to acheive medals, funding will now only go to those who are expected to achieve medal success.Therefore to get funding you must be an oustanding sports person already at the very top of your sport.It would be a refreshing change if projects like Les Webbers were given funding rather than a sponsored match angler who I suspect would gain far fewer admirers amongst kids than Terry Hearn or Dave Lane.

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    Mike Heylin Guest



    The SE funding grant was in response to the Whole Sport Plan for Angling submitted by the Joint Angling Governing Bodies.

    The WSP was directed at the targets established by SE for coaching, development, inclusivity, ethnic diversity etc. All very good stuff but limited to the requirements of Sport England and their political masters.

    SE funding does not cover international representation for angling as I understand it. What angling will now do with the money will depend, I imagine, on the talks which JAGB and SE must now have about prioritising the parts of the WSP which they can fund from the grant, which is much lower than they hoped for. I can't give you details because I do not have them, but I do have some of the background to this.

    Martin used the medals pitch because angling is the most successful international sport we have, yet receives so little SE funding.

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    Thank you for the information.

    I'm somewhat relieved to learn that SE funding does not cover international representation for angling.

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    I am not sure we should underestimate th value in the eyes of the Government of using angling as a power to improve the lives of young disadvantaged people. I have just downloaded the details of the EA Consultation report from Anglers Say.
    It appears from this that it is precisely the area the EA are moving into – and with more resources ( I guess) than Sports England will ever ‘tip up’ I also note their support for Les Webber and get Hooked on Fishing up in the North East seems total which I think is a good thing.
    The report also refers to Governing Bodies as having purely an official role (not sure what that means)

    Surely the word duplication fits here if SE are funding FACT members to do the job why are the EA spending our Licence money on it – is it a case that it is seen as sexier than long term work on Fisheries!

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    Phil Hackett 2 Guest


    Could I respectfully suggest to those who are interested in this topic go on to SE web site and look at making an application for funding from them.

    Many of the questions people are likely to ask will be covered in the briefing notes re. an application.

    Mike does this as a volunteer, a very good professional one at that, but his time is limited and knowing him like I do, and because of his dedication is likely to answer post when he could perhaps be doing something more productive for the benefit of angling as whole.

    So go and do some work for yourselves, you lazy Bar stewards :0) :0) :0)

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    Mike Heylin Guest


    FACT will be responding to the EA consultation paper Angling in 2015, as will each of the individual members of FACT and many individual anglers and clubs, I hope.

    EA has been empowered by government to look seriously at angling development and anglers have a real chance to influence the EA policy with this consultation.

    There is a big debate on whether "Angling Development" should be funded from licence revenue or from recreational budgets within the Agency. Your views on this would be valuable.

    Sport England funding is valuable but limited, since we are not an Olympic sport. There are concerns about how SE view angling, expressed by many anglers and the fine resaults we enjoy in Internal competition do not seem to have much oinflunce with SE. Which is a pity.

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    swordsy Guest


    Well I think is about time we did become an olympic sport, if syncronised swimming, tennis, ping-pong, curling and walking can do it I do not see why we shouldnt get involved after all there is the rowing course to use.

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