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Thread: Bait Boats.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    I am putting this in the general section because bait boats are not just used for carp fishing these days.

    In another thread, Jim Gibbinson says that the use of bait boats take away some of the traditional skills of angling such as casting.

    Personally I have never used a bait boat in my life and have up to now never felt the need of one. However what do you think?

    Are bait boats taking away some of the aesthetics of our sport?

    Will these devices, coupled with the increasing use of poles, result in a section of anglers to whom the skills of casting will be lost for ever?

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    Ian Whittaker 1 Guest


    You've still got to know where to steer you're boat too. I prefer to see boats used for accurate positioning rather than leaving miscast tackle festooned on snags.
    Perhaps a smaller version would be handy for fly fishing .....
    Imagine using the long pole for fly fishing.....

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    Never used a bait boat and doubt that I ever will. I think there are 2 distinct categories of anglers today:

    1: Those who use all the latest technologies to catch the BIGGEST fish

    2: Those who enjoy catching fish by out smarting them in a one on one situation i.e. your skill against their wiles

    You will never see an angler using a bait boat and not having his 3 rods and enough electonics to launch the sapce shuttle! I could be wrong, we will see.

    Casting will suffer I am sure with the use of poles. I spent a lot of time when I was younger fishing with a rod and reel and as a result when i started fly fishing casting wasn't as hard as I thought it would be as I had been used to handling a rod and knowing when it has the best bend and subsequently most power. I am sure a lot of this is through all the practice casts I used to do after catching nothing all day and needed to get rid of some frustration by seeing how far I could cast with a lead (Only if there was no one else fishing nearby!).

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    si Guest


    i do not own a bait boat but i dont see the problem with people useing them if it means less tackle lost in trees

    some tight swims need boats to reach them and i would much rather see a novice or kid useing one to get the bait in to the spot they want it rather than casting into a tree or bush and leaving line and leads hanging there

    i dont think poles will make much impact on casting abilties i fished rod and line for years before switching to the pole and i got some right tangles until i learnt how to ship out/in
    try shipping out a bloodworm rig to sixteen meters !!
    its the same skill just applied differently

    anyway if you want to present a bait on the float further than sixteen meters your gonna have to get the waggler out anyway!!

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    Of course baitboats take away some of the traditional skills.

    Like swimfeeders took away the skill of feeding with a catapult.

    And catapults took away the skill of feeding by hand.

    As rowing boats and driftfloats take away the skill of casting.

    And so on.

    Baitboats have lots of good points when not used thoughtlessly. But that applies to all kinds of tackle.

    But I do understand the misgivings of some.

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    Frothey Guest


    i think all of those drifting the big trout ressies for trout and pike are cheating.....

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    Oohhhh Frothey, you being naughty again? There's always somebody who has to turn it into a scrap.

    It started with, "Do bait boats take away some of the traditional skills of angling such as casting?"

    And Ron asked, "Are bait boats taking away some of the aesthetics of our sport?"

    Nobody mentioned cheating until now.

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    Sep 2002


    I own one but have rarely used it in the past three seasons due to the waters and species I've focussed on.

    However, using a boat can make all the difference between going fishing and going catching.

    Some anglers just like to go fishing and go about making catching as difficult for themselves as they can. Cane rods, centrepins, par-boilied potatoes, floats and floppy hats, you know, the usual stuff. They'd love to ban hemp, bolt rigs, method feeders, night fishing, two rods, etc.

    Yet I love to see 'em and I love it even more if I ever see them catch anything.

    Unfortunately they are not happy with their own lot, they want everyone to struggle like they do and get insanely jealous when some young kid with his cap on backwards turns up next to them and empties the place on bolt rigs, boilies and that unholy of unholies, a bait boat.

    Fishing is a hobby. Being skilled in it counts for very little. After all you can't take university degrees in casting or gain long service awards for swim hogging.

    If using a boat gets a kid interested in fishing because it means he'll get his string pulled that's fine by me. Live and let live. Let him enjoy his fishing.

    However, I would object if they were made compulsory...

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    si Guest


    "Are bait boats taking away some of the aesthetics of our sport?"

    i take it ron is refering to the bait boat actuly being in the water i.e going out and then coming back in how long could that take ??

    or would you rather see these peoples line in trees bush ect

    i know witch would would spoil the aesthetics more for me

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    Frothey Guest


    but by implying that they remove skill/watercraft/ability thats where the argument always goes Graham.

    like you've said, theres a time and a place for them, and its not the use, its the mis-use that cause the problems.

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