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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    We have a general election on the horizon.

    All of us, as anglers, I am sure, will want to vote for the party where the future of our sport is ensured.

    I would like this discussion to be as serious as possible as many of you know that my voiced opinion of the Labour Party and it's attitude to angling is in the negative.

    But I do not want to be dogmatic.

    What are the policies of the various political parties regarding our sport? I do know that the Conservative party if elected will overturn the hunting ban and that is a fact!

    Yet is it possible to find out from the various parties just what their agendas are on angling?

    Let's put our vote where it counts.

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    Why not e-mail all the parties headquarters and ask, if you really want to know Ron ......

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    Homie Guest


    Do you realy expect people to vote for a party just because they have a more sympathetic outlook towards country pursuits?

    How about voting for the party that offers the best solutions towards

    The NHS
    The economy
    Immigration etc.

    Just a thought.

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    In the local elections, we had two female waana be councillors. I listened to their policies with great interest, but there seemed to be a muddling of the party line somewhere. I found very little between them and their policies.

    After weighing all of the relevant information up, I did the horonable thind and voted, for the one with the shortest skirt and biggest bust.

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    Ron,I think you may be mistaken my freind.On the K.A phone in this morning,on radio 5 live,he stated that more than half the Conservatives voted for the ban.

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    of course they did ....

    (There are none so blind as those who don't want to see ..................)

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    Big Rik Guest


    Dave and Ed,

    yourselves, as well as Keith Arthur are all very much mistaken.

    Now I know that the Conservative party don't hold many seats in parliment currently, but only 9 of their members have ever voted for a ban.
    I don't class that as over 50%.

    People should get that facts straight about who is trying to ban our passion.

    Don't foget to vote on the ITV news site that I posted in another thread.

    I'll post all the MP's that voted to ban hunting below.

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    Big Rik Guest


    Abbott, Diane Lab
    Adams, Irene Lab
    Ainger, Nick Lab
    Ainsworth, Bob Lab
    Alexander, Douglas Lab
    Allan, Richard LD
    Allen, Graham Lab
    Amess, David Con
    Anderson, Donald Lab
    Anderson, Janet Lab
    Armstrong, Hilary Lab
    Atherton, Candy Lab
    Atkins, Charlotte Lab
    Atkinson, David Con
    Austin, John Lab
    Bailey, Adrian Lab/Co-op
    Baird, Vera Lab
    Baker, Norman LD
    Banks, Tony Lab
    Barnes, Harry Lab
    Barrett, John LD
    Barron, Kevin Lab
    Battle, John Lab
    Bayley, Hugh Lab
    Beard, Nigel Lab
    Beckett, Margaret Lab
    Begg, Anne Lab
    Beggs, Roy UU
    Bell, Stuart Lab
    Benn, Hilary Lab
    Bennett, Andrew Lab
    Benton, Joe Lab
    Berry, Roger Lab
    Best, Harold Lab
    Betts, Clive Lab
    Blackman, Liz Lab
    Blears, Hazel Lab
    Blizzard, Bob Lab
    Blunkett, David Lab
    Boateng, Paul Lab
    Borrow, David Lab
    Bradley, Keith Lab
    Bradley, Peter Lab
    Bradshaw, Ben Lab
    Brake, Tom LD
    Breed, Colin LD
    Brennan, Kevin Lab
    Brooke, Annette LD
    Brown, Nick Lab
    Brown, Russell Lab
    Browne, Des Lab
    Bryant, Chris Lab
    Buck, Karen Lab
    Burden, Richard Lab
    Burgon, Colin Lab
    Burnham, Andy Lab
    Burstow, Paul LD
    Byers, Stephen Lab
    Cable, Vincent LD
    Caborn, Richard Lab
    Cairns, David Lab
    Calton, Patsy LD
    Campbell, Alan Lab
    Campbell, Anne Lab
    Campbell, Ronnie Lab
    Caplin, Ivor Lab
    Carmichael, Alistair LD
    Casale, Roger Lab
    Caton, Martin Lab
    Cawsey, Ian Lab
    Challen, Colin Lab
    Chapman, Ben Lab
    Chaytor, David Lab
    Chidgey, David LD
    Clapham, Michael Lab
    Clark, Helen Lab
    Clark, Lynda Lab
    Clark, Paul Lab
    Clarke, Charles Lab
    Clarke, Tom Lab
    Clarke, Tony Lab
    Clelland, David Lab
    Clwyd, Ann Lab
    Coaker, Vernon Lab
    Coffey, Ann Lab
    Cohen, Harry Lab
    Coleman, Iain Lab
    Colman, Tony Lab
    Connarty, Michael Lab
    Cook, Frank Lab
    Cooper, Yvette Lab
    Corbyn, Jeremy Lab
    Corston, Jean Lab
    Cotter, Brian LD
    Cousins, Jim Lab
    Cox, Tom Lab
    Cranston, Ross Lab
    Crausby, David Lab
    Cruddas, Jon Lab
    Cryer, Ann Lab
    Cryer, John Lab
    Cummings, John Lab
    Cunningham, Jack Lab
    Cunningham, Jim Lab
    Cunningham, Tony Lab
    Curtis-Thomas, Claire Lab
    Darling, Alistair Lab
    Davey, Edward LD
    Davey, Valerie Lab
    David, Wayne Lab
    Davidson, Ian Lab/Co-op
    Davies, Denzil Lab
    Davies, Geraint Lab
    Davis, Terry Lab
    Dawson, Hilton Lab
    Dean, Janet Lab
    Denham, John Lab
    Dhanda, Parmjit Lab
    Dismore, Andrew Lab
    Dobbin, Jim Lab/Co-op
    Dobson, Frank Lab
    Donaldson, Jeffrey M. Ind U
    Donohoe, Brian H. Lab
    Doran, Frank Lab
    Dowd, Jim Lab
    Drew, David Lab/Co-op
    Drown, Julia Lab

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    Big Rik Guest


    Eagle, Angela Lab
    Eagle, Maria Lab
    Edwards, Huw Lab
    Efford, Clive Lab
    Ellman, Louise Lab/Co-op
    Ennis, Jeff Lab
    Etherington, Bill Lab
    Farrelly, Paul Lab
    Field, Frank Lab
    Fisher, Mark Lab
    Fitzpatrick, Jim Lab
    Fitzsimons, Lorna Lab
    Flint, Caroline Lab
    Flynn, Paul Lab
    Follett, Barbara Lab
    Foster, Derek Lab
    Foster, Don LD
    Foster, Michael Lab
    Foster, Michael Jabez Lab
    Foulkes, George Lab/Co-op
    Francis, Hywel Lab
    Gale, Roger Con
    Galloway, George Lab
    Gapes, Mike Lab/Co-op
    Gardiner, Barry Lab
    George, Andrew LD
    Gerrard, Neil Lab
    Gibson, Ian Lab
    Gidley, Sandra LD
    Gilroy, Linda Lab/Co-op
    Godsiff, Roger Lab
    Goggins, Paul Lab
    Griffiths, Jane Lab
    Griffiths, Nigel Lab
    Griffiths, Win Lab
    Grogan, John Lab
    Hain, Peter Lab
    Hall, Mike Lab
    Hall, Patrick Lab
    Hamilton, David Lab
    Hamilton, Fabian Lab
    Hancock, Mike LD
    Hanson, David Lab
    Harman, Harriet Lab
    Harris, Evan LD
    Harris, Tom Lab
    Havard, Dai Lab
    Healey, John Lab
    Henderson, Doug Lab
    Henderson, Ivan Lab
    Hendrick, Mark Lab/Co-op
    Hepburn, Stephen Lab
    Heppell, John Lab
    Hermon, Lady UU
    Hesford, Stephen Lab
    Hewitt, Patricia Lab
    Heyes, David Lab
    Hill, Keith Lab
    Hinchliffe, David Lab
    Hodge, Margaret Lab
    Holmes, Paul LD
    Hood, Jimmy Lab
    Hoon, Geoff Lab
    Hope, Phil Lab/Co-op
    Hopkins, Kelvin Lab
    Howarth, Alan Lab
    Howarth, George Lab
    Howarth, Gerald Con
    Howells, Kim Lab
    Hoyle, Lindsay Lab
    Hughes, Beverley Lab
    Hughes, Kevin Lab
    Hughes, Simon LD
    Humble, Joan Lab
    Hurst, Alan Lab
    Hutton, John Lab
    Iddon, Brian Lab
    Illsley, Eric Lab
    Ingram, Adam Lab
    Jackson, Glenda Lab
    Jackson, Helen Lab
    Jamieson, David Lab
    Jenkins, Brian Lab
    Johnson, Alan Lab
    Johnson, Melanie Lab
    Jones, Helen Lab
    Jones, Jon Owen Lab/Co-op
    Jones, Kevan Lab
    Jones, Lynne Lab
    Jones, Martyn Lab
    Jones, Nigel LD
    Jowell, Tessa Lab
    Joyce, Eric Lab
    Kaufman, Gerald Lab
    Keeble, Sally Lab
    Keen, Alan Lab/Co-op
    Keen, Ann Lab
    Kelly, Ruth Lab
    Kemp, Fraser Lab
    Kennedy, Charles LD
    Kennedy, Jane Lab
    Khabra, Piara S Lab
    Kidney, David Lab
    Kilfoyle, Peter Lab
    King, Andy Lab
    King, Oona Lab
    Knight, Jim Lab
    Kumar, Ashok Lab

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    Big Rik Guest


    Ladyman, Stephen Lab
    Lammy, David Lab
    Lawrence, Jackie Lab
    Laws, David LD
    Laxton, Bob Lab
    Lazarowicz, Mark Lab/Co-op
    Lepper, David Lab/Co-op
    Leslie, Christopher Lab
    Levitt, Tom Lab
    Lewis, Ivan Lab
    Lewis, Terry Lab
    Liddell, Helen Lab
    Linton, Martin Lab
    Lloyd, Tony Lab
    Love, Andrew Lab/Co-op
    Lucas, Ian Lab
    Luke, Iain Lab
    Lyons, John Lab
    MacDonald, Calum Lab
    MacDougall, John Lab
    Mackinlay, Andrew Lab
    MacShane, Denis Lab
    Mactaggart, Fiona Lab
    Mahmood, Khalid Lab
    Mahon, Alice Lab
    Mallaber, Judy Lab
    Marris, Rob Lab
    Marsden, Gordon Lab
    Marsden, Paul LD
    Marshall, David Lab
    Marshall, Jim Lab
    Marshall-Andrews,Robert Lab
    Martlew, Eric Lab
    McAvoy, Thomas Lab/Co-op
    McCabe, Stephen Lab
    McCafferty, Chris Lab
    McCartney, Ian Lab
    McDonagh, Siobhain Lab
    McDonnell, John Lab
    McFall, John Lab/Co-op
    McGuire, Anne Lab
    McIsaac, Shona Lab
    McKechin, Ann Lab
    McKenna, Rosemary Lab
    McNamara, Kevin Lab
    McNulty, Tony Lab
    McWalter, Tony Lab/Co-op
    McWilliam, John Lab
    Meacher, Michael Lab
    Meale, Alan Lab
    Merron, Gillian Lab
    Michael, Alun Lab/Co-op
    Milburn, Alan Lab
    Miliband, David Lab
    Miller, Andrew Lab
    Moffatt, Laura Lab
    Mole, Chris Lab
    Moonie, Lewis Lab/Co-op
    Moran, Margaret Lab
    Morgan, Julie Lab
    Morley, Elliot Lab
    Morris, Estelle Lab
    Mountford, Kali Lab
    Mudie, George Lab
    Mullin, Chris Lab
    Munn, Meg Lab/Co-op
    Murphy, Denis Lab
    Murphy, Jim Lab
    Murphy, Paul Lab
    Naysmith, Doug Lab/Co-op
    Norris, Dan Lab

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