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    Iain Wishart Guest


    Coarse Fisherman my view a great magazine. I have just been flicking through all my copies in search of some information, some 12 years worth of magazines....sad git i hear you say!.
    But can you name another magazine that is as diverse in angling tastes and provides so much information to the general fisherman like me. My only critism is that it should have more "guest" writers and one off features.
    Before you ask i'm not linked to the magazine in any way, but a financial reward would be appreciated!!!!
    What are your views???

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    Guest writers do appear in Coarse Fisherman on quite a regular basis. In the last three or four issues we've had Dave Lewis, Jim Gibbinson, Tony Davies-Patrick, Bob Church, a new series by Mick Wood, and already we've got our own Gary Knowles lined up for the November issue with an article about chubbing in northern rivers.

    Unlike many angling magazines Coarse Fisherman is not a closed shop. Anyone who thinks they can write an interesting article about coarse fishing that will appeal to the more experienced angler, and has a selection of 35mm transparencies (or, at a push, VERY sharp negs or prints) that cover most aspects of the article, rather than just a couple of mug shots, are welcome to submit it for consideration. If they wish they can run it by me in the first place for an initial critique.

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    Rodney Wrestt Guest


    I have only subscribed to CF for the last six years unlike some of the other people posting replies on the other thread about CF & IYCF. however I find the mag to be the best around, the contents well writen and diverse, the structure is well laid out and as such it is the only one I subscribe to, that doesn't stop me buying IYCF every month but if I miss one then it's ok. To me the adverts are welcome along with details of contributers tackle, bait and tactics. I live in an area with very few tackle outlets and the opertunity to see and buy new tackle from companies in England (most advertisers are)is something I would rather not be without :-}~

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    Iain Wishart Guest


    i await Gary Knowles article with anticipation!

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    Birds Nest Guest


    I have to say its a top mag... Graham it was your article on River Roaving last summer that made me drag my kit back out of the shed..... So its your fault mate !!

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    It was worth writing then if it only got one angler back on the bank.

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    The Seeker of Truth & Justice Guest


    Ive got to say i'm a big fan of Coarse fisherman and always have been, its the regular writers in it that keep me buying it. over the years theyve recruited writers that don't just write and not fish like they do in a lot of magazines but actually go out and catch fish, and then write about it. cf's writers are obviously real anglers that write there own stuff. in a lot of the mags the editor just picks a big name, takes some photos of him and then writes something under his name. everything in the bloody magazine is written by one bloke practicly!

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    CF is in very short supply up here. I keep ordering from the local shop...but I am lucky to get 2 copies a year (

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    Rob, without the clout of such large publishers like EMAP and IPC the smaller publishers like Coarse Fisherman can't get on the shelves of many of the larger (or even smaller) newsagents, which makes the circulation figures almost meaningless as far as a measure of the popularity of magazines is concerned. Which is why I smile wryly when I hear certain other mags crowing about how many copies they sell.

    No matter what anyone else says there is no other magazine even in the same league as CF where general specialist angling for the more experienced angler is concerned. As a writer for CF I know I'm going to be seen as biased, but there you go, I can't do anything about that.

    I'd love to see what the official circulation figures would be for all fishing magazines if they could all compete off the same playing field. But don't anybody think that official circulation figures are a measure of a magazine's popularity. That's true to some extent, but in many cases it is more a measure of the size and power of a magazine's publishers and their ability to persuade newsagents to stock their publication. If you have lots of titles in your empire then you can be very persuasive.

    Rob, and anyone else having difficulty getting hold of CF, the answer is easy - subscribe.

    It's the best bet anyway. You get the magazine earlier, it's posted through your letterbox, and you get a free gift worth, many times, almost as much as the subscription fee.

    Click here if you want to know more: <a href=>Coarse Fisherman</A>

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    Allan Marshall Guest


    I subscribe to CF, I read it cover to cover and then start again, I don't think that there it anything to better it. I am even begining to warm to John Baily after this months article.

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