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    swordsy Guest


    Anyone going?

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    Do you need a prescription?

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    swordsy Guest


    The last one i went to was done by Bob Roberts and was very good indeed.....but i am not too sure how the carbelling will go down with the purists ;o)

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    Terry Comerford Guest


    I can't go, I've lost two stones since Christmas and my ankle length Barbour coat and moleskin trousers, don't fit me. :-)

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    I was banned years ago.

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    Geoff Cowen Guest



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    si Guest


    i will be going .if its anything like bobs last talk it will be well worth the effort to get down there

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    May 2004
    On the road to rack & ruin !!!


    swordsy,is the barbel society worth joining???
    i live in they have a club section down my way???
    i`ve never fished for barbel intentionaly and must admit i`d like to know a bit more about them and techniques and location etc...
    i`m also hoping to attend your barbel fish in on the trent.

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    Nick, I'm a BS member and I reckon it's worth joining.

    Keep an eye out on the BS or BFW websites for the next event. Go along and see if it's for you.

    My preconceptions of the BS were all wrong. Many of them use Carbelling gear, most are just 'normal' and even the floppy hatters are fairly normal. They might not look it at first though!

    I'll be at the Wetherby meeting too. It would be good to meet a few FM members.

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    Think you took a picture of my floppy hat Matt but have never claimed to be normal!
    If Micks talk is as good as it was at Wetherby it will be a good night. Certainly I hope to be there.


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