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    Jack Pike Guest


    In the middle of building a website and up to my eyes with <div> and <tag>'s everywhere so just wondering what your honest opinions are still needs a lot of work to do on it could you tell me if the pics download ok there is a few problems with Netscape and Firefox browsers

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    It's a good clear site, and no problems at all with the pictures downloading

    Here's a link to it:


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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    ooops that didn't work
    Here it is:

    Southport Angling

    [i][b]you forgot your http Ed. Rik[i][b]

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    Big Rik Guest



    seems good.
    All pics and forms load.
    tried using IE5.5 and NS7.2

    Presumably you have no match section, as your match links all point back to the page they are sat on.
    (e.g. The match link on the 'about' page, points to the 'about' page etc etc.)

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    Jack Pike Guest


    i am going to sort out the match page later

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    matthew nightingale 2 Guest



    Looks good, nice and clear and easy to use.

    The pictures are a bit small to my eyes. I run the RADAC site ( and I've found that for the Gallery its best to put thumbnails (100 x 75 pixels) as links to the pictures which should be about 400 x 300 pixels.

    Pictures need to be nice and sharp.

    Hope this helps; I'm no expert but shout if I can help.


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    Jack Pike Guest


    Cheers Matthew thanks for that I am gonna sort out the gallery last as I found that processing the pics can take a while I will use to size that you reccomended thanks

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    Frank "Chubber" Curtis Guest


    It's looking good Jack.

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    Hi Jack, good start. I've had a quick look;

    The menu changes depending on which page the user is on. For instance, on the 'waters page' 'day tickets' appears on the menu.

    For now I would just create on menu then cut and paste it into each page. Or learn to use templates.

    Also, the waters page doesn't fit on the screen at a res of 800x600.

    On the Ribble page there's a graphic with a broken link on the bottom left.

    It's copright infringment to use OS maps without permission. I usually draw a map and have a link to See Donny AA for instance.

    Some of the pages still have a copyright notice of "(C)2003 Company Name".

    If you can suss out templates it will save you from having to edit each page seperately.

    Also some of the pages are still Untitled.

    Hope that helps.

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    Looking good Jack, coming on well!

    pardon the pun, but have you had some pikey's in that car park?

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