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    It only happens once in a lifetime to a very, very few people, but it could have happened to two anglers recently.

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    "a good chance the pike record has gone too when scales are checked"

    ...or maybe not when you look at the photo?

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    Where's the photo?

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    Big Rik Guest


    Where's Brummie Williams?

    Record bream?

    Midlands ressie?

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    sash Guest


    The photo has been scanned in and posted on a thread on another pike forum. Must admit it doesn't look anywhere near the claimed 46-48lb but then photos aren't always easy to appreciate.

    Perhaps it's all part of a Candid Camera style plot;- to get Nige fishing the venue for the next 3 weeks and then get Jeremy Beadle to jump out of the bushes dressed as an EA baliff and tell hime there aren't actually any pike in the venue!!

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    Here's the picture referred to:
    Record Pike?

    It's a big fish and I certainly wouldn't like to state it isn't the weight claimed simply judging by this picture.

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    jason fisher Guest


    it's certainly a very big pike but will it count as the british record, as it's not in great britain, it's in northern ireland.
    surely it should be the irish record.

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Broadwater could topple that with right timing. I've said on many occasion that it will produce a twenty. 19lb 10oz is the target then eh!

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    Gary Knowles 2 Guest


    Pike - The pike does look a good one Graham but it certainly doesn't look anything like as big as is claimed. That said, photo's can be deceptive so it would be wrong to dismiss a claim purely on photographic evidence.

    Bream - go for it monkey...

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    jason fisher Guest


    shame you can't fish farmoor for the bream or the record would be over 20 already.

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