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Thread: What can I do?

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    hi i need help i go fishin a couple of times a week and everyone else is catchin but i are not i have tryed everything and it doesn t work. i ask people if im doin it write an they say my rigs are good but i never catch i always take a bucket of varius baits if any one has any tips plz tell me thankyou jrv

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    The Monk Guest


    you could be trying too hard mate, just watch what everybody else is doing and try to see if you can identify anything they are doing that you are not, sometimes the little things make a big difference. Also read everything available, try to identify when fish feed on the waters you are fishing, what is the going baits, what are the best swims, which swims produced most of the fish, is it a quiet water, etc etc

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    I agree with the monk, fish as close to features as you can, if there are no visable features ask other anglers about under water troughs and drop offs most will be happy to tell you, infact you'll have trouble shutting most up(guilty) a big part of fishing is confidence you just need to sit it out for that first fish.Let us know how it goes I think you'll find we're all rooting for you here

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    thanks glyn and the monk i will let u know how it goes

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    jason fisher Guest


    have you plumbed the lake thoroughly, to find all the subsurface features.
    if not i'd suggest starting there.

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    hi jason there is not alot of under water features as someone told me to try it and when the lake was empty i just casted to different parts of the lakes there are a few big lilly beds alot of silt and a couple of ledges which i try to fish on but my casting is not very good when fishing in open water but im pretty good at fishing tight to islands and stuff

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    Gray Lucas Guest


    Hi Jason

    If you fish the same water on a regular basis try leaving your gear at home(hard to do) and just watch and talk to the anglers who are catching.A good angler will be happy to let you sit and watch and answer all your questions but dont be too pushy and dont crowd the angler you are watching.Try taking notes and put your findings and the advice you have been given into practice on your next outing.Hope your luck improves


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    Cakey Guest


    are others catching on the lake ?
    not all lakes fish through the winter
    find out if its a winter lake if not move on to one that is and return to this one once its warmed up a bit more.

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    Frothey Guest


    is everyone else fishing tight to pads/islands? sometimes its worth dropping short as the fish might think baits a metre or two short are "safer", as everyone fishes tight, dont they?

    dont worry too much, we're coming up to one of the most prolific times of year.....

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    Cakey Guest


    o yeah whens that ??

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