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    There is a whole bunch a highly experienced anglers on here. Despite all the new tackle items being released all the time, there must be things missing, items that would make our lives easier/ our angling more enjoyable?

    Let me put one forward:

    I'd like to keep lots of ready made rigs for Barbel, Chub etc. At the moment we can either buy rig bins or rig pouches. The bins take up far too much space. The pouches are overkill in my opinion, geared up for the Carp market and expensive!!

    Angling times had a giveaway last year that was just the job. No uneccesarry padding or expensive zips. Just a practical, compact unit. They should cost 1- 1.50 and I would buy loads of them!


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    Ric, I use a matchman's hook wallet. I pre-tie my rigs without swivels and store them in hook papers. The rigs, in their hook papers are then stored in the leaves of the hook wallet.

    I manage to keep around 10 types of rigs in 10 sleeves in each wallet - so 100 rigs per wallet. They take very little space compared to the alternatives.

    I have seperate wallets for Barbel, Chub, Carp, Carp Barbless, Match and Match Barbless!

    I can't believe they aren't more widley used.

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    Hi Matt I'm not familiar with these! what are they exactly, are they readily available?

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    Ric, Hooks wallets is just a wallet with plastic sleeves sewn in as inserts.

    Here's an <a target='_new' href=" QJ:&tbnh=83&tbnw=115&start=1&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dhook%2Bwallet%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26rls %3DGGLD,GGLD:2004-45,GGLD:en%26sa%3DN" target="_blank">example

    Most match type shops will definately stock them and they only cost around 2.50. Daiwa make them for instance.

    Hook Papers cost around 1.50 for 100. They're just a very fine paper pouch around 2" x 2". Less shops stock these but again, match shops are best.

    After tying your rig, loop it up around your fingers (just like the pre-tied hooks to nylon you can by) and place one inside a hook paper.

    I label each of the plastic sleeves in the hook wallet - For instance in my Barbel wallet one of the sleevs is labelled;
    "Iseama 10 - 10lb Krystonite".

    In there will be around 10 hookpaper, each with a rig in. The rig will just be the hook tied to a hooklength of around 2ft. I tie a figure of eight loop knot to the 'non-hook' end which allows me to clip the rig (hooklength) to the mainline. I use a Korda Quickclip for this.

    If you can't find what you need, Doncaster Angling Centre sell wallets and paper. 01302 363629

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    Wag Guest


    Have a look for cheap CD wallets - they make good rig pouches and have a bit more room in than a lot of purpose made rig pouches.

    I use a business card wallet for pre tied hooklengths. There are four pouches per page, so I make up a page or two of each hook size and line strength I think I need before a session. I think I got the wallet from the sale bin in W H Smiths for a quid a few years ago.

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    Matt that sounds just the job. I've never noticed these things but there again, I don't spend much time browsing the match section of the shop I go in. I'll give it a go. Thanks.

    Carl I threw away a business card holder at work last year. I never thought!!

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    NottmDon Guest


    I more or less do the same as Matt with the exception that I now use "wage Packet" brown envelopes which are slightly bigger than the match type envelopes and easier to write the rig details on. I use the blank wage envelopes which are available from most stationers such as WH Smith. Couple of quid for 50 if my memory serves me well, shop around you can find em cheaper too!

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    Don, I just use a sticky label on the plastic sleeves in the wallet. The hookpapers go unlabelled.

    That wat I only use 1 rig per type of hooklength regardless of how many hooklengths I have.

    It also means I can re-use the hookpapers without having to match them up with a particular type of rig.

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    Shot is the first thing that comes to my mind. Surely by now they could have advanced the make up of the shot so that it was a lot more line friendly than it is.

    Yes I know, theres lots of little tricks to avoid line cutting but if we had shot that behaved in the same manner as lead, we wouldn't have to keep messing with it. The manufacturers seem to have contented themselves with what they produce now but surely it could be improved.

    Politicians, like diapers, have to be changed frequently - and for the very same reason

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    Those cheap CD wallets (about 3cm thick, and zipped around the edge) are pretty good for spinnerbaits, too.

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