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Thread: Wot no blanks?

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    I've got a few rods that I am finally getting round to restoring or upgrading. In fact, if you have seen one of my other threads you'll know that I wanted some advice on removing tip rings. Well, in my search for new rod 'furniture' I decided to hunt down rod blanks. The last time I looked into this was over 20 years ago and there were plenty of blanks on the market. Now all I can find seem to be Harrison carbon blanks or very expensive cane blanks from Chapmans or a few small fly rod makers. So what happened? I know that rods have improved enormously from all those years ago but this is silly. So, does anybody know of any manufacturers - aside from those I have mentioned (I'll include Agutters because they do cane and reasonably priced too) who offer blanks? I am not really serious about buidling a new rod at this stage just shocked at the lack of this product now.

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    paul williams 2 Guest

    Default is difficult to get your hands on blanks nowadays.....but i can't think of better ones than Harrisons.....are North western still going? they made some nice ones too........and Brum angling centre (Terry Eustace)had some glass blanks still in stock a while back, i think these would have been cono flex.

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    North Western are still going. A mate of mine, Mick Ball is a rod builder and dealer for both North Weston and Harrison. I think he does something to do with Greys too.

    His number is 07985 719489 oir 01302 738774.

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    Deecy Guest


    Try the Conoflex website I think, but a google will bring it up on Conoflex alone last time I looked they had the usual costly (but excellent) blanks as well as some very reasonably priced ones.For example
    Freshwater Blanks - Glassfibre
    150/6 11' - 1lb Soft Action Carp
    150/7 11' - 2lb Soft Action S.U. Carp
    150/8 11' 6" - 1lb Fast Taper Carp
    150/9 11' 6" - 2lb Fast Taper S.U. Carp
    150/10 12' - 2lb Thru' Action Pike
    150/11 12' - 3lb Fast Taper Carp
    108/4 9' - Bass Spinner 31.94
    All freshwater blanks can be supplied fitted with Duplon grips and winch fitting
    Freshwater Blanks - Carbon Fibre
    9' 6" - 2pce Quivertip, spigotted - 1oz
    10' - 2pce Quivertip, spigotted - 1oz
    11' - 2pce Quivertip, spigotted - 1oz
    11' - 3pce Canal Quivertip, 21" Handle - 1oz
    12' - 3pce Canal Quivertip, 21" Handle - 1oz
    11' - 2pce 1lb Carp
    11' - 2pce 1lb Carp
    11' - 2pce 2lb Carp
    11' - 2pce 2lb Carp
    11' - 2pce 2lb Carp
    11' - 2pce 3lb Carp
    12' - 2pce Avon 1lb Carp
    12' - 2pce 1lb Carp
    12' - 2pce 2lb Carp
    12' - 2pce 2lb Carp
    12' - 2pce 3lb Carp
    11' 4" - 3pce LG Thames Feeder, detachable butt. 3oz
    12' - 3pce Trent Feeder, detachable butt. 3oz
    9' - 2pce Spinner, Spigotted. 1 - 2oz
    10' - 2pce Spinner, Spigotted. 1 - 2oz

    These are all in the region of 70 -115.Although better known for sea rods they have a quietly building freshwater reputation.

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    paul williams 2 Guest


    i used to love their glass rods.....never felt so safe as when chucking out a big deadbait on my old glass cono's.......still got a couple somewhere......could we see a comeback to glass in some situations?

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    Deecy Guest


    I know a few people who use glass for their boat Pike rods.The 11' Soft Action SU 2.5 would do the job.
    SS5'S SS6'S and Terry Eustace Big Tench rods nice memories.

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    Well, my own personal opinion is that if a rod, or indeed any other item of tackle, works then I keep using it. I have some old glass rods that are great. Now I'm not trying to say that there isn't a carbon rod out there that would replace one of my trusted glass ones, there probably is. but the same situation exists, as far as I am concerned, with cane. There are certain types of rod where the advantage of carbon is lessened. That advantage mainly being its lightness. When it comes to a match rod/float rod then yes, the lighter the rod the better as you are likely to be holding it for a long period of time. but what about carp or ledger rods? They spend most of their working time in rests so weight doesn't really factor into it. This is why, in my personal opinion of course, cane still has a place as does glass.

    A further thought. It's pretty much accepted that carbon is slightly stiffer than glass but a more through action can still be built into the blank. But, did you know that over time carbon does become softer?

    Anyway, thanks for those suggestions :-)

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