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    Vince Battams Guest


    Could someone please tell me who is the head of the Environment Agency and where any correspondence to him would need to be posted.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    That's a good one. These top executive civil servants like to hide away in their little ivory towers. If they do something then, God forbid, they might be held responsible!

    So, can't thinkg of a name and can't find one, but the address is
    Rio House
    Waterside Drive
    Aztec West
    BS32 4UD

    The nbaem David Clarke springs to mind from way back, but maybe I'm wrong now.

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    The what?

    "The name David Clarke"

    Having trouble with eye / hand coordination this morning. Must take more water with it.

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    Barbara Young is CEO. Is Dafydd Evans head of fisheries?

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    I would ring them up and ask for the name of the Chief Executive. Job done.

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