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    Hilarious Kevin, I went into hysterics on the computer when I read the bit about the chair legs, my missus thought I'd gone mad. I had visions of the ultimate bite indicator in operation and collapsed laughing.

    Brilliant mate.

    Politicians, like diapers, have to be changed frequently - and for the very same reason

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    A perfect appraisal of the days proceedings.

    Well I never, was that Stu Dexter on the end then? The one I approached with "Got 'ny swim feeders to spare, Mister?" A kidly old bloke, he gave me one - and a swim feeder.

    If Ron sees that picture, sorry, but had to wear it that way around to save Fishingmagic some embarrassment. The lettering was in the wrong font, so Graham said.

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    David Bumblebee Guest


    You fell for the Tart Tackle Baggin Wagglers then? Please note that Tart or variations thereof is a registered trade name of Tart Tackle throughout the EU under Schedule 2005/0401 section c (Tart, Tarte, Tartz). Through the re-mortgage side of our business it now appears we own a small section of Rotherham!

    BTW, having seen Stu Dexter in action two years ago on Clattercote has a lot to do with why I shall be a spectator there on the 14th.

    MYTBBO as we say at Tart Tackle headquarters.

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    Great account of what sounds like a great DAY!....

    Did STU DEXTER catch a few?.... ;-)

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    Les Clark Guest


    I don`t know how you got through the day Kevin ,with that tight arse Graham raising all your hope`s up for a free scoff and then "The old boy on the block " Jeff Woodhouse keep poiseing all the time and that boreing Stu ,just sitting there catching fish after fish and what about Baz`s brother the bailiff ,a laugh a minute ,but the highlight of the day must have been your proud product ,your "baby" ,the "Easy chair" ,just one thing ,Do you sit down now when you want to take a leak ?
    Kevin ,bloody funny mate ,keep it up .

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