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Thread: Reel info?

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    Andrew Thomas Guest


    I've aquired some old tackle including an old [presumably] fixed spool reel. It's a Noris Shakespeare Wonderspin 2662. Closed face design but with an American style small central line hole in the spool casing. Star drag on the handle, looks virtually unused.

    Anybody out there got any knowledge on these things?


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    Peter Morton Guest


    I think you will find its a baitcasting reel,designed to be used on a short baitcasting rod,but i'm sure one of the lads in the predator section could confirm or deny this!!!!!

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    Kevan Farmer Guest


    I vaguely remember this one. It's probably over 20 years old. But yes, Peter is right it is a baitcasting reel. Very popular in the US but not very good when compared to modern multi's and spinning reels.

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