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Thread: Specimen Fish

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    What do you class as a specimen fish? Is it [a]The biggest of it's species
    or [b]The biggest of it's species in the particular water it is caught from??

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    keith miller Guest


    I can think of waters, mainly holes in the ground, where an eight pound tench can be caught fairly readily, yet in a small local estate lake a four pound fish is an achievement. Each fish is a specimen for its location, but I would value the smaller fish more highly due to the effort needed to bank it. Size isn't everything, it's relative!

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    Well said Keith. I just wish the weeklies would take the venue into account more when they're dishing out prizes for the biggest fish. A specimen IS relative to where it's caught. And that's a fact.

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    sam oddy Guest


    Totally agree but can't se the weeklies using the same amount of print on a 14lb northern river barbel as on Bertie's umpteenth photo call at 17lb plus. Sad but I think true nontheless.

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    Paul Hiom Guest


    Sam, you are most probably right, although i have a sneaking suspicion (based on snippets of information) that the Trent will take the angling world by storm in the next two years with a near record barbel. Wouldnt that make great news and help put the northern rivers back in the frame. Berties days are numbered. That said, a 14lb Northern Barbel is a staggering fish and i agree that the weeklies have got it all wrong when it comes to dishing out awards, however, i also know that the berties are not as easy to catch as the weeklies will have you believe.

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    Stuart Bullard Guest


    Did anyone see the recent factfiles in the Anglers Mail. Life histories of various Carp, who they had been caught by, sexual orientation and which political party they would probably vote for. Fair enough, carping is a positive dimension for the sport, but I think the magazines should try to expand their horizons in terms of contributions to angling etc.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I'll throw my tuppemce in here.
    Who cares what a fish weighs?
    Do you fish for yourself or for the glory?
    If we weren't so obsessed with the weight of fish then the weeklies wouldn't pander to us.
    When you weigh and photograph fish or catches who are you showing the photo's to who are you bragging about the weight to?
    I used to weigh and photograph all my carp and then I became obsessed in the weight game, only chasing known forties and almost completely lost the plot.(I did lose my job and fiance along the way)
    Then I sat back and realised what I really wanted from my fishing, that little thing called 'pleasure'.
    Remember why you fish and who you are fishing for.
    Weight isn't important.

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    The pleasure you get from fishing should always come first, but there is nothing wrong with keeping tabs on the weight of the fish you catch providing the weight of the fish doesn't become the one and only reason you go fishing.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    A sensible reply Graham (though I would expect nothing less from your good self).
    Although you have a vested interest in weighing and photographing your catches, I would suspect that if the pleasure aspect disappeared you would need to review your 'career'. Like we mere mortals when we become despondent in our own 'jobs'.

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    I just consider myself very lucky indeed that a pastime I've followed with extreme passion for over 50 years has also provided my living for the past eight years. What I think about fishing, and the enjoyment I get from it after all these years, means more to me now than it ever has. The older you get the more you appreciate the finer things of life, and fishing is the finest thing I have ever experienced outside of my family. And that applies regardless of earning my living from the sport. Whether you weigh fish or not, for whatever reason, the thing to remember most of all is to still smell the flowers.

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