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    To my remaining friends in FM ,it is with some regret that I will say goodbye here to those that Have no other means of contact with
    I shall not be posting on FM again while it is run by the current Editors who I and others believe have ruined what not to long ago was the best Anging Internet site one could find.
    up to now I have said little on this sad state of affairs but I would like to say that I would always jump off a sinking ship in the hope of finding others before it sank and that is exactly what I am doing , no Doubt the Captain and first mate will remain steadfast at the helm whilst the once proud ship sinks into oblivion taking other souls with them which is a shame .
    I would return to this site in a heartbeat if the current editors stand down
    this is not a personal attack on them it is one more small voice in an ever growing exodus from here .
    I appeal to the mods to allow this thread to stand as I have avoided insult to anyone .
    goodbye all
    Fancy a pint?

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    I totally agree with you Dave, this once great fishingmagic is now a shadow of its former self and whilst they might throw figures at us regarding membership the truth is that it is on the slippery slope to oblivion.

    A fishing site is about its members not a place for those with authority to wield their imagined power which is precisely the reason why the site is losing its long established members. I said I wouldn't log in again but I have made an exception in this case and I can say hand on heart I am sickened by the lack of concern being shown as the exodus continues. You might think it is of no consequence that long established members have left and continuing to leave but there is always a consequence for an action and in this case the consequence will be a sterile site that has nothing to offer.

    Politicians, like diapers, have to be changed frequently - and for the very same reason

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    How sad that another two long-term members have left. Whilst over the years I may not have agreed with everything they've wrote in print and at times had some humdingers with one of them. His experience and knowledge on the Southwest rivers is unchallengeable for mixed bag fishing.

    That knowledge/experience will for newer members and future members be lost to this site. That frankly is a shame to all.

    However, I understand and do agree with both comments as to the way the site is going/gone.

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    This is all very sad news chaps.

    I wish you guys would reconsider.

    Whilst I understand that leaving is the only 'ultimate sanction' for an FM'er,

    It is so sad to think that a community of kindred souls, many of whom know each other not only in cyberspace but in the real world too through fish-ins, may never meet up again.

    I hope it is still possible to organise the sequel to the Marsbar Mega Fish In for next year.

    Dave, we only met briefly at Boundary but if you ever fancy a dabble on the Severn or Teme...


    You and Scott are always welcome (I think you have my email?) and as you know we have some very accessible and comfy pegs round my way...
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    'I'm a kind of paranoid in reverse: I suspect people of plotting to make me happy...' (J.D. Salinger, 1919-2010)

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    To slime and graham sorry to see you guys going aswel i for one will miss your tips and your humour and i wish you both all the best in the future

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    Theres always the MD site

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    Not sure Graham's going anywhere?

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