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    Either way, father/daughter time spent out fishing is the true definition of 'quality time' in my opinion.

    That is so true, one of my daughters goes fishing with me, and she soaks up what i teach her like a sponge. It is fantastic when your kids want to get involved with what your doing.

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    The Monk Guest


    I brough my lad up in a bivvy, by the time he was 16 he had 17 thirties behind him and two of them were British fish, its one of the best educations you can give them

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    The Monk Guest


    In fact they still use his picture in the SAA advert, hes the one crouching down with the carp, think he was 13 at the time, the fish is a 32 Birch Grove beastie

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    Clive, I hope you're not hoping to fish as well when your take her. Fat chance!!! You spend all of your time untangling them, adjusting shot, unhooking fish, putting bait on. Whilst they're sat down, eating crisps, eating your sadwiches, eating sticky chocolate bars or cakes, gulping down all the soda and soaking up the rays. Forget fishing!!!

    A reasonable whip these days only costs 20 or so, good value, but don't forget to turn them to the "dark side". Get them some alarms and a carp rod, bolt rigs, boilies and a bivvy. It's the only way to get Monk's approval.

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    The Monk Guest


    haha, I like the sound of the whip for Jeff 20

    (is this done by a nun)?

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    she's only had a couple of trips out last year, but baits her own hooks (even maggots!!)and takes her own fish off unless they need a disgourger.

    I have to agree with the tangles though, how do they manage it so often. As to the dark side this is the reason for my oringinal question. Stick out a lead with an alarm for the picture opertunity, and leave her a float rod to use and keep up the interest.

    As its a commerical that we will be fishing I thought a whip would not be so good as carp often take small baits and the whip has no line to give when the run comes. My feeling was that there is more chance to controll it with a float rod and the clutch set fairly lightly? Also casting is a skill that comes with practise, may be a whip could be used to discourage the tangles.


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    Just thought I would like to post an update on the result of our trip.

    Well Sunday morning we went for the big trip to introduce my daughter to the Dark side...

    My wife and eldest daughter were left slumbering as we crept out of the house at about 7:15 on a beautiful sunny morning. Quick stop at the local shop to get some sandwiches, then a short drive to the lakes just outside Daventry at Borough hill farm.

    The upper lake had a couple of people on it, but the lower lake was empty, perfect I thought. I knew where I wanted to fish, but had to try to include Jess so walked her around and pointed out the benefits of different swim's. Success she picked the one I had wanted to fish with her.

    So our seats where placed in the appropriate area of the bank and the rod pod was set up between us. My two Wychwood barbel rods where quickly set up with hair rigged sweet corn on each, they where cast to either end of the sunken island and alarms set. Then two float rods where set up for close in fishing with maggot. At last time for a coffee.

    As always that was the moment the first alarm squeaked into life, and Jess's rod made the first run of the day. After my expert tutorage, she grabbed the rod slowly picked it up and proceeded to turn the reel the wrong direction, Do'h !!. the fish didn't need another chance and found a good snag to snap the hook link on. "Jess pick up, strike then reel the right direction!"

    So we settled back down and started to catch small stuff on the maggot, mainly roach and gudgeon. Now the tangles started, how do they do it? Line up behind the spool, wrapped around the spindle. By 10:30 Jess had had 2 more runs and one lead to her land her first carp of about 3 lbs, picture taken and many smiles.

    By 12:00 we had both had three carp with the biggest of about 4 1/2 lbs falling to float fished maggot on my float rod. Then came a really good run on Jess's rod a good fight pursued and she landed her best fish of the day at 7 1/2 lbs, more photo's and smiles. Hopefully win her a cap from one of the weeklies.

    Another big tangle on the float saw me sat on the grass fiddling for about 45 minutes to get her float rod working again in this time she caught another two smallish carp 2 - 3 lb'ers, then it happened the line on Jess's float started to move, oh ****** a fish had taken the maggots on the tangled line, about 6 inches off of the bank, I had taken the spool off to assist me in the unravelling!! Off it shot, I stuck the float rod and it met with solid resistance, oh double ******. 20 minutes later with saw left fingers and an aching right arm a 6 lb common was in the net. Not bad for 3.6lb line and an 18 hook with no reel I thought.

    The afternoon settled down and many more carp were captured even by me! I even caught a double. But Jess definitely had the lions share of fish, with none of the other people who turned up coming close. But most complemented her on her achievements, which was nice for both of us (Proud Dad moment).

    Towards the end of the day the captures were still coming thick and fast and her comments told a tale 2 1/2 lb fish were called "just a small one Dad", her previous best fish had been a 1/2 lb tench!!!

    There can be no going back, she has moved to the dark side.

    That said I had a great time, and I think she did also. We both had aching backs on Monday, and many tales to tell.

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    Treasure those moments mate, your daughter will.

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    Thanks Baz

    I will, if only the nice days could out number the ones where you want to rip there arms off and beat them to death with the soggy end.


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