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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Recent attacks on our sport by the fashion editor of a hitherto-respected morning newspaper have convinced me the lads I go piking with could teach the Bridget Jones generation a thing or two:

    1/ No-one cries if someone else turns up at the river wearing the same outfit.

    2/ When arriving at the venue, it is not necessary to greet the lads by telling them they look like they've lost weight, or their new waders really suit them.

    3/ When changing into thermals, no-one asks whether they make their bum look big.

    4/ On arrival at the venue, we do not immediately adjourn to the toilet in small groups and spend half an hour discussing which fish we fancy.

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    Hello Chris the problem is that we seem to be moving into an age wherin it is trendy to be anti and as can be expected those who know absolutly nothing about the subject will tend to prefer the easy course. This tendency tends to be exacerbated amongst those very shallow people who crave public affection a part of their stock-in trade and this lady appears to fall into that group. Many in the 'entertainment' industry will tend to follow this sheep like path for those self same reasons.
    I suggest a strongly worded letter to the lady's editor explaining how offensive you found her remarks to be is a worthy path to take.

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    nick bennett Guest


    Nice one chris. Living with three women, i've heard it all, and that just about sums it up.
    nick bennett

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Living with three women, isn't that bigamy. Still, the worst bit would be THREE MOTHER IN LAWS aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh.

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