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    Barrie Rickards is currently writing Walker's biography.

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    What to recommend from Walker's writings? Well anything and everything you can get your hands on :-)

    One of my favourites is "Drop Me A Line" which chronicles his correspondence with Maurice Ingham over quite a period of time and which to me, demonstrates Walker's absolute generosity with his time, his knowledge and his vast expertise on many subjects.

    I must have read this book literally dozens of times and I have a copy on the coffee table in my apartment here in
    Holland as I write.

    One of his smaller book(lets) is; "How Fish Feed" and although written a long time ago it is as current and useful now as when it was written.

    Scholars have long known that fishing eventually turns men into philosophers.

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy decent tackle on a philosopher's salary. ~

    Patrick F. McManus

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    My first Mk IV carp rod I made myself from a kit I purchased from JB Walker (no relation) of Hythe in Kent.

    Then I aquired a Mark VI Avon made by B. James. which cost me 11-19-6d if I remember correctly. In real terms that would be about 600 in todays money. The kits from JB Walker cost about 4-00.

    About 1965 the availablity of good split cane prompted the gradual move to fibreglass. I made myself a couple of Avon rods from Sportex Blanks obtained for me by Tag Barnes who was working for Sportex in Sheffield at the time.

    Dick didn't like the early glass rods as he quite correctly said they were too floppy and large in the diameter compared with cane. However Hardys Fibretube and Going Bros blanks were excellent and by 1969 or thereabouts Walker was helping Hardys design a whole series of rods, from still water fly rods to Carp and Avon rods.

    Walker was the first man in the world to catch a fish on a carbon fibre fly rod ca 1972 by the way.

    He was at the forefront of rod design, yet made very little money out of it. He once told me in a letter that angling was his hobby. He made his money from designing and selling lawnmowers which was another great passion of his. He loved his job and even today, Lloyds are considered to be the Rolls Royce of mowing machinery.

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    The one thing Dick loved was a good arguement. I remember sitting with Dick and Tag Barnes in the bar at a National Angling Show in London.

    Tag was launching his new range of Sportex glass Avon, Carp and Pike rods.

    Walker told Tag that he was on the right tack with the rods yet he also commented that one wouldn't make a violin out of glass. Tag counted this comment by suggesting that perhaps someone should make a violin out of glass - it might sound better.

    Walker then said we should have this debate in Print in AT, and that's just what happened several weeks later.

    Walker had the ability to stir things up. He even wrote in his column - ca 1978 that he feared for the future of Britain's indigenous fish due to the over popularity of carp!!

    And he rightly claimed that it was perhaps he who caused the carp explosion. Something he had never really intended.

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    Les Clark Guest


    I think that JB Walkers of Hythe are still there or at least were untill a few years ago.

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