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    Herr General Swordsy Guest


    Well done Andy what a fantastic record!!

    My biggest tench is a measly 7lb goldy....I must try harder!

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    Herr General Swordsy Guest


    It was only 2oz under the goldy record at the time though!

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    Ron 'The Hat' Clay Guest


    Get down and fish the waters Andy fishes mate.

    When I lived in Warwick I was 1/2 an hour fronm the Oxon pits.

    In 3 years I lost count of the number of eights I caught.

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Yes, well done Andy, not seen the papers but he called me last week. I walked round one of the pits next to Broadwater last week and was chatting with Springate, he'd had em to 12.10, his mate had had them to 12.15 and some 'old boy' as he put it had two doubles that very morning and its only about ten acres. There's some stunning Tench waters down this way, best you move Swordsy. You'll just need to pick up the lingo, this might help.......

    Yeah, yogi bear play Andy, not Pearly Queen the papers but 'e called me Present and Past Bubble And Squeak. I walked round wahn of the pits next ter broadwa-ter Present and Past Bubble And Squeak and was chattin' wif Springate, 'e'd 'ad em ter 12.10, 'is China Plate 'ad 'ad them ter 12.15 and sum 'old boy' as 'e put it 'ad Bo-le Of Glue doubles that very Day's Dawnin' and its only abaht Cock and Hen acres. there's sum stunnin' tench waters daahhhn this way, Mae West ya move Swordsy. you'll just need ter pick up the lingo, this might 'elp.......

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    Herr General Swordsy Guest



    sounds like you might be taking the gypsies kiss mi old china art o them cocknies, your right though they dont arf half talk some gravel pit darn sarf!

    LOL :O)

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    sash Guest


    For one who doesn't buy the weeklies, can someone enlighten me?

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    Wolfman Woody Guest


    I ain't seen it either. Where'd he catch 'em or it?

    Which pit next to Broadwater?

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    Andy's caught more double figure tench than any other angler.

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    That Fred Healy seem to have his fair share of Doubles too. He seems to be in the Angling press every week.

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