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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Graham, when I do 'The tongue in cheek guide to being an angling web site editor' will you ask for it back....

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I am sure there is devine intervention on the choice of the contributor of the month!

    Graham, do u hear voices in your head at night? )

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    I do, I do! It says, 'stop snoring you noisy git or I'll stick a pillow over yer 'ead!'

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I seeeeeeeeeeee...I never knew Sedge snored...hehe

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Keep brightening up Thursdays for us mate.

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    Stuart Johnson Guest


    Congrats Sedge, keep em coming.

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    Andy Thatcher Guest


    Well done Stewart. See the old saying works "You get out what you out in" !!!

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