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    Has anyone got any experience of those gadgets that use ultra-sound to repel mosquitos? I'm researching them to do an article in Fishingmagic. I'm using one at the moment and so far it seems to do the job, but I just wondered if anyone else has any info they can offer. Thanks.

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    Keith Finn Guest


    If you find that those electronic, scare flying biting things away, gadgets work PLEASE let me know. The evenings , in the summer are a nightmare for me, I just seem to attract every insect for miles around.In fact I stop going fishing early evening ,in the summer months, because I am sick of coming home covered in lumps.
    Regards Keith

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    Keith, Graham and I have been trying a model out over the past few months and up to now they do seem to work.I think Graham did a review of it on the Fishingmagic site or maybe it was on the mailing list. Perhaps Graham could post details on here ??

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    I'll be doing a review in the next week or so.

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