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    nigel catterall Guest


    I must admit that I haven't been fishing for a good few years - but like most sports, does it really require a passion to get the fullfillment or for most is it just a pastime?

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    Like sex, the more passionate you are the more you get out of it - if I remember rightly.

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    Tom Horwood Guest


    As I am a really poor fisherman, does this imply something about me in other areas of my life?

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    Maria Thomas Guest


    Well, frankly Tom, yes it does, but luckily in fishing, as in several aspects of life, all that is required is a little patience and a lot of practice. I have every confidence that if you bear this in mind your rods will be back in excellent working order soon

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    Alexander Bangert Guest


    Perhaps that you haven't had enough practice Tom? The more you fish, the better you'll find you become. You'll develop a feel for it, and your 'river sense' will improve in leaps and bounds.

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    Paddy Thomas Guest


    The problem I can see is that you probably haven't serviced your rods recently. A well serviced rod will always be more preferable as it often extends easier and you will find it lasting much longer. I hope that you take my advice and I hope that you have many more fun fishing days.

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    John Anderson Guest


    When I am at work I long for the weekend to come round so I can indulge in my favourite pastime of angling. There is nothing better than to sit next to flowing water on a sunny day to take away the past week's tribulations. I suppose this could be construed as total passion.

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    andy lawrence Guest


    I think that John Anderson is dead right. Fishing is a great way to clear ones head and have some relaxation. If you catch fish all the better.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Passion, pastime and total addiction, I'm certain that the wife would complain about the ironing pile building up if we did a 3 day session.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    Angling is much more than a passion or a pastime to me.

    It is a way of life!!!

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